Shootsac on a budget & some amazing pizza

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Before Danika headed out, she asked me to hem her jeans for her. I propped her up on the fireplace and measured around, pinned, and used my 2 headed needle to make a hem. While I was sitting at the machine, I went forward with my own version of a Shootsac.

For you non-photographers, a shootsac is this divine invention that makes it easy to switch lenses and carry your essential gear when out on a shoot. I typically use only two lenses, but I like to have an extra memory stick handy and my substitute battery pack. I've been drooling over this bag for about a year now. At $180, though, it wasn't in my budget. I secretly hoped Santa would bring me one for Christmas, especially since they had an incredible sale, but alas, no shootsac was under the tree.

This wedding season has us faced with 3 weddings and multiple portrait sessions. We are very grateful that our little business venture is growing. (We are so very blessed by your support!) We have a couple of camera bags, but neither of them is very convenient for switching lenses. The other day, when we were shopping at Office Max, I found this neoprene lunch sac on sale for around $10. It was the perfect size since I don't, yet, have the large momma-lens (another piece of glass I'm coveting). I made up a sketch in my brain and came up with this.

I'd purchased 2 yards of the belted fabric and 2 packages of the hinged clips. I used a 40% off coupon at JoAnns, so that purchase totalled to $15.  Because I didn't have the adjuster hardware (the thing you can use to shorten or lengthen the strap), I measured the bag to act like a messenger bag for my body and stitched at the base of the hardware and again where the strap ended. Afterwards, I sewed a stitch slightly off-center from the middle  and another at the base to make it a flatter bag. The excess fabric from the base actually adds additional padding to the bottom of the bag, which I really like.

Here I am wearing/modeling it. You can see that it easily fits the two lenses I use the most.

What's cool is the excess strap at the top forms enough of a loop where I can attach removable pockets. I really like that I can do that because I wanted a place to keep my cell phone close and also to keep an extra memory card handy. Initially, I was going to sew a dedicated memory card pocket to the inside, but I prefer it  on the strap. AAAaand, the built in handle to the bag is an added bonus, because I can carry it as a handbag too.
See the lenses tucked in their shooting-day home? Fun! $25 out of pocket is a lot better than the $180+tax & shipping and extra $$$ for the cover that I know I want. Someday, though. Someday. Until then, I like my re-purposed lunch sac. :) I'll let you know how it works after this weekend's wedding. Best of all, it is blue with some funky modern design on it. Once I find my Care Bear patch, I'm totally adding it to it! I ♥ flair!

Finally, this is the homemade pizza that Primo made for us. It is resting on the Cookie Monkey plate, which is totally festive. And the other day when we were at Il Cane Rosso, we learned that the crust is also known as pizza bones. Isn't that fun? Yes, and this pizza is every bit as delicious as it looks!

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Shannon said...

I LOVE your bag. Great job...very creative!

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