Tap Shoes Don't Fit

Monday, March 8, 2010

I had picked up some size 6.5 tap shoes at the consignment sale. Currently, Mari wears a size 6 shoe. I figured a 6.5 would give her room to grow, right? Wrong! She, like me, has wide feet. The tap shoes are leather and they could probably stretch, but being that she's as young as she is, she opts for comfort over style. When I stretched them a bit to put them on, she was pleased, until she stood up and immediately squealed, "ow, ow, OW, OW, OW" simultaneously demanding the leave her feet. Before I can get to her, she's kicked them across the room, where they've crashed against the cupboard and landed with a familiar clickety-clack. Because her face lit up when I showed them to her, I am now in search of a pair of tap shoes for her. And as a result, I have my first item for the next consignment sale. Speaking of, all 8 of my items sold at full price! I received confirmation of the sale. After all of the deductions ($10 entry for the consigning, plus 30% of sales going to the sale), I didn't come any where near of breaking even, but my savings did cover the gas to get there, the paper to print the items, and the tax. Woot! Also, the amount of time the sugarbean has spent on her bike has paid off. She now insists on riding it through the house, while watching TV, and even waves goodbye and good night to it. Now I need to trick it out with some vinyl.

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