Concert Memory: Incubus

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm writing about this concert so I will remember it. This won't be a review, but just a stream of conscious writing so I can recall the memory for our Sugarbaby, Tesla-bug. 

I've been a follower of Incubus since 2001's Morning View release. Drive  &  Pardon Me seemed to really pull me in and connected in some way, but then Wish You Were Here was released and well, I never looked back. That song has so, so, so many memories for me. From sitting on a beach, listening to my MP3 player, driving so many different roads in states, ahhhh...good stuff. And then, well, then I lost touch with their music, having it pop up every so often when talking with my cousin or the few times they would pop in my Pandora feed. 

Then, said cousin let me know he was coming to town to watch Incubus and tickets were affordable! Groupon ran an amazing special, so not only was this deal super affordable, but EVEN BETTER! I decided that this would be Tesla's first concert and we'd figure out a way to make it work despite the show being on a Thursday.

Fast forward to the week of the concert and well, suffice it to say, I have had about the same amount of sleep all week as I have had the first week of Tesla's life. Poor thing has been sick, clingy, and only wanting Mama. It totally warms my heart, but it also exhausts me. I pushed through and was still excited. I was grateful for my BFF Lindsey for letting her come over and have a playdate with her son and for watching our Sugarbean. Seriously, we could NOT afford the going rate for a sitter...let alone for longer than planned, but more on that later.

Then, my cousin calls and tells me that he wasn't approved for his vacation time and that he'd have to pass. I was kinda sad because I knew how much he appreciates them, just like me. My husband is enough of a fan to know a couple of songs, but that's it. I'm just glad he wanted to go to the concert. Anyway, after a delayed start and ridiculous traffic just to park (where we totally missed the opening act, but were treated to some awesome fireworks at the State Fair while waiting), we pulled in to a spot at the edge of the lot.

We walked up to the venue and I was doing my best to sneak in an umbrella. (Really? An umbrella? I remember when there were far other risque items I used to try to sneak into a concert and an umbrella wasn't among those items.) We settled towards the top of the lawn away from the tobacco and herbal smokers in what seemed like a "family" section because there was another family near us with a lively 3 year old. Don was about 1/4 way through his over-priced beer when we were told to evacuate the venue due to the weather. They guaranteed to play their entire set, but only after the storm passed. 

We trekked back to our car and no sooner did we get settled in when the storm came down. On our walk to the car, I was getting a bit nervous because all around us transformers were blowing up (is that the correct way to put it?). Luckily, we made it safely. About half an hour (or more) passed and a guy in a golf cart was driving around proclaiming that it was safe to come back and they'd be starting again.

Perfect timing because I'd just nursed Tesla. Who then opted to spit up all over me. Lucky for me, it was easily covered by the wrap. I wrapped her up again, put on the noise cancellation ears, and we set off back to the concert. I was happy to hear my favorite songs and the night seemed even more magical by the awesome lighting show overhead!

All night, there were these beautiful electric ripples highlighting Brandon Boyd's amazing voice. I was truly mesmerized.

Fall Fashion Week: Friday we are, in the homestretch of the Fall Fashion Week. Thank you Emery Jo! I'm going to miss it because I've really enjoyed it! I'm posting my Friday look and Thursday night outfit to the concert. Be sure to head on out to see more of the other ladies' outfits during the week, too! For those of you loyal readers, be on the lookout for some fun stuff in October. Yaaay!

Headband: gifted
Scarf: gifted (hooray for being chilly enough to warrant a lightweight scarf in the morning!)
Shirt: Limited
Cardigan: the sewn in bling!
Pants: Kohls...super, duper clearance
Shoes: BCBG, DSW


This outfit was all about practicality. It was unusually hot! We're talking it was knocking on 100 degree heat in the evening. There was a chance it would storm (which it did). We were going to be sitting on the lawn and I knew I would be wearing our nearly 6 month old. I also needed something that would allow me to nurse her if I had to. I chose to wear the necklace my husband gave me as a birthday gift ages ago because it is sterling silver and works as a great teething ring. I know because Mari loved chewing on it, as well. It's elegant and sits nicely on a a nylon string. This necklace is among my sentimental pieces. (I love accessories, can you tell?)

Sunglasses: Impulse buy, I don't remember where, but I love them
Necklace: Gifted, Jared (I know you just sang the song!)
Maxi dress: Old Navy
Half Tank: La Leche League
Flip flops (we call 'em chanclas): Target


Thursday: Fall Fashion Week

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a busy, busy day. I have a filled day at work, which always makes me excited. For that reason, I like to wear something that makes me feel smarter. Of course I'll need something that feels great too! Tonight is date night, too! We are headed to go see Incubus!! Do you know how long I've wanted to see them? Eeeek!! (I'll try to snap a photo at the concert o include it in tomorrow's post.) I will also be inhaling copious amounts of caffeine today. My tiny one wanted to play into the wee hours of the night. Her giggles and smiles were so sweet, but *yaaaaaawwwwwwnnnn* this mama is tired! Without further ado...

Jacket: White House Black Market
Dress: Banana Republic
Belt: Sam Moon
Shoes: Tribeca, DSW
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Gifted from a boutique in Kansas

Thank you all for the sweet compliments yesterday! It really boosted my self confidence! So much so that I was on enough of a high to go out and log some running miles. Wheee! High five!

Fall Fashion Week: Wednesday (with Tuesday snuck in)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a bit late as I type this, so forgive any errors. My images are taken in the gym at my office. I'm still trying to get the hang of balancing my phone/getting good light, but I'll get there. Anyway, here's Wednesday's outfit (taken bleary-eyed, so excuse the look of confusion):

Earrings: Banana Republic
Top: Cream drop waist blouse Banana Republic
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Skirt: Banana Republic...notice a trend?
Shoes: Ellen Tracy, DSW
Necklace: gifted from my friend in NYC


Yesterday's outfit:

Top: Kohl's
Skirt: Ann Taylor maaaaany years ago
Shoes: Rocket Dog, DSW
Necklace: Premier, maybe?
Cuff: crocheted by me, I was on my way go get coffee, imagine that


Here are my cuties!

On Baby T: Carters pajama set gifted to Mari, saved for T
Sugarbean: Spongebob Jammies, Kohl's


Edited to add...I tend to compliment people on a regular basis. Whether it be for their clothes or the smile on their face. It just seems 2nd nature. I can't tell you how often my compliments turn an otherwise dark mood to a much happier one. I try to compliment people when I ride up the elevator to the office. Even if I am half out of it, I think it is a good way to start the day!

Halloween Ideas

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Normally, I like to have the Halloween costume picked out and pretty much ready to go at the end of September, but I haven't really been focused on that. Until my friend posted this link to's article about Best Costumes for Baby's First Halloween. If you look closely, you will see our Sugarbaby! They featured this photo taken by Pumpkin Pie Photography and she's wearing the outfit from Sweet Love Creates.

All of that awesome cuteness, what could I possibly dress her in for Halloween? Maybe a banana?


Really, I would like to do something fun for both gals, but it looks like Mari is insistent on being a princess. I'm gonna try to see if she'll dress up in a pink dress. If so, she can be Glinda the good Witch, Tesla can be Dorothy or a Munchkin, and Guapo and be Elphaba...or Toto. :D

Or why does it even have to be a theme? I caved and bought some lace rompers for the girls' dress-up. I think I could figure out a way to add some peacock feathers or feathers in general. What do you think? Or we could go a completely different direction and take advantage of some nifty outfits on Using Kohl's cash and their discounts makes their costumes quite affordable. I like the idea of all of us being super-heroes. We could also be Star Wars characters. I think Tesla would make an adorable Yoda (they don't have it)! Of course, Mari could be Princess Vader (as she frequently likes to dress up). Or I think my favorite would be a family of rag dolls. Raggedy Ann & Andy family. Cute, huh? 

Best laid plans, though. Halloween will soon sneak up on us and I'll probably end up being a banana. 


How about you all? What are your ideas?

Fall Fashion Week

Dangit, I totally missed it, right? Well, I'm still going to try to catch up, from here forward. I wonder if I should share my "day" outfits and my "at home" outfits. I think I will! Check back for a post later on for fashion. I might even feature my girls!

Change of Perspective

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm a working mom. I'm lucky to have an incredible partner in my daily adventures. Without him, well, I don't want to imagine it. Needless to say, we walk around in a zombie-like stage for some of the day. During the week, this is probably one of my most favorite views:

The one in the middle with the darker roof, that's my building! It's beautiful, right? When I first interviewed for the position where I am, I was in awe when I pulled up to the building. It reminded me of my adventure in Paris. I get to work in that building! Each morning during the week, bleary-eyed, I see this building and my brain clicks on. I like that feeling. As with all things, though, sometimes you need a break.

I took off a Friday to prepare for an extra special, sleep-away-from-our-kids night out with my hard working husband. In typical Bianca fashion, I did my best to not plan anything, but I still had some things scheduled. But I need to back up. Thursday, I was given a last minute project that was due mid-afternoon on Friday. Eeesh! I forgot to mention that I already had plans that evening with my beloved to attend a charity mixer. No worries, we'd still check it out and I'd work a bit that night and some of Friday.

Sure enough, we met up and boy howdy was he looking delicious! (Bonus points if you can find him) Doesn't that look fancy? I felt fancy! (Thanks Will & Nicole for watching the gals!)

We indulged on some yummies and toasted a night out. Sushi, crostini, open bar, lobster shooters oh my! By the end of the night, I was spent. I prepped for the next day and purposefully set my alarm for half an hour later. Instead, I was up half an hour earlier than normal. I helped Don get the Sugarbean ready and Tesla and I didn't rush the morning. I had a conference call, then I took her to school. I then chose to work away from home for a bit before my pedicure. (Lovely windshield...I should've taken the car to get detailed!)


Pedicure? Why yes! Thanks to Travel Zoo, I scored an awesome mani/pedi deal to a fancy spa! I bought it back during my birthday month and this was just the day to use it! Doesn't this just look so serene?


Next up, to meet friends for lunch! Here's where things were a bit wonky. More on that later.


Why yes, that's the fabulous Mandi of MakeupMandiTX! The service was unusually slow. The food was meh. But all of that was made up by the amazing company. When, I left, my phone started to die. I seemed to catch every red light. I couldn't get great parking. It was a disaster for the next several hours. And after a few crazy hiccups, things were finally getting back to normal. And I walked down the hall to our hotel room:


No, this isn't a scene from The Shining. It was our little getaway for the next few hours. See, we were attending our Primo's birthday party. Great Gatsby themed, with special instructions to arrive to the restaurant in masks. OoooOOOoooh! Here are several of us guest crammed into the elevator:

This is the party crew...

We dined, we danced, we took photos, both in front of the camera and behind it. We toasted and talked.


My favorite time in the evening was when we sat under the night stars on the open patio, laughing and random youtube snippets, singing, and just enjoying one another's company. Nearly 4AM (22 hours from when I was first up that morning) and I went to bed. I was up at 8, packing and getting ready to go home because the adventure was coming to a close. We drove home in silence, holding hands. (A very special thanks to my mother, sister, and nephew & niece for taking care of the girls for us!)


At the end of it all, I just had to give thanks for the life that I live. It's nice to go out and enjoy. It was definitely eye opening to me to see what our lives might have been like had we made a few different choices. But I wouldn't want it any other way. The thing that I kept going back to were these faces:

It was a nice adventure, but we missed our darling girls. Based on the way they slept, I think they had quite an adventure themselves! It seems a change of perspective did us all good.

Different Strokes, All Kinds of Folks

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some of the most valuable lessons we are trying to teach our daughters definitely goes against some of the less liberal *ahem...conservative* thinking down here. One of the things that attracted me most to Don, from the get-go, was that he accepted everyone for who they were. He didn't care about the labels on your clothes, the color of your skin, the amount of money you had, where you came from, none of that. Like me, we accept people because they are good people. All sorts of really good people come from so many different walks of life. That's why it is important to expose our girls to all types of people. Granted, our close loved ones are quite colorful, in skin, personality, and best of all, experiences.

Today, we had the pleasure of dining with our friend and family for Sunday brunch. This special brunch also featured their first drag show. Not just any ol' drag show, but one that featured Erica Andrews (who has held every title a queen could have) and Candis Cayne. Holy cow were they beautiful! Even more than that, they were ever so gracious. After they had performed and they were about to leave, they patiently waited while Mari thanked them for their performances. Not only that, but they complimented her own beauty! I don't really think Mari has ever seen such glamour first hand. She even asked me if one of them was Barbie, to which I replied, no, her name is Candis. In awe, she whispered, "Caaaaandisssss." Clearly she was impressed.

When I walked in, I must admit, I was apprehensive. We were those people that brought children to a bar. Ok, ok, it is a restaurant, but it had the energy of a bar. I feared that we were going to be judged, which was totally stupid. Not only were we welcomed with open arms, but I didn't get any stares or gawks when I nursed Tesla. As a parent, I don't think I've ever felt more accommodated and welcomed at a restaurant. (Sidenote: Check out Dish for supreme service. The food was so-so, but the service was outstanding!! The show was just the icing on the cake!) From the moment we walked in, they asked us if we needed a high chair and/or booster seat. They even made waffles just for Mari. Tesla was curious about everything and after her nursing session, passed out. She totally slept through the entire show. Later, the manager walked up to us and told us that his own little one slept through the shows as well. Parents know parents. :)

At the end of the show, we made friends with some other patrons and they were so gracious to share goodies from their own party. They gifted Tesla and Mari with tiaras, rainbow leis, and candy necklaces. Tesla was all about that lei.
I lamented that I didn't get a photo of the performers with our girls. Another time, I'm sure. (Thanks to my cousin for capturing these for us!) We are beyond blessed to have a myriad of friends and family who encourage not only our own personal growth, but that of our children as well. What about you? What was your first drag show? If you've never been, you should go...and be sure to pack plenty of bills for tips. They are performers, after all!

Spicy French Fries: Adventures in U4 Soccer

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've played organized sports since I was 5. I was the mascot for my sister's soccer team when I was 3.

Yeah, I was quite the stylish fashionista. Don't hate! Mom enrolled me in ballet when I was 4 and around that time, I also did gymnastics. Truth be told, I adored ballet and I couldn't get enough of gymnastics. My sister, on the other hand, really took to the soccer field, and the basketball court, volleyball court...well, she's a natural athlete. Me, I study the mechanics. I have all the parts to make up a decent athlete and the two things that I think that have helped me the most are: tenacity (a never-give-up attitude) and dedication. What I didn't have in height/speed, I could make up with my brain. I like how you can use your noggin and turn a physical game to a thinking one really quick. Athletics have always been a basic tenet in our family. It seemed only natural that our Sugarbean would follow in our footsteps, right. The big question was....when?

When she turned two, we thought long and hard about enrolling her in gymnastics. I even went so far as to scope out a location, interview friends, and find the right time for us. I bought her a leotard, but when it was time to commit, I chickened out. I felt that it was too soon. When she turned three, I knew this was going to be the year that she would be doing something. Initially, I was going to sign her up for ballet, when I realized that the basic principles of it, I could teach her at home until I knew it was something she was going to want to pursue further. While there are other kids in the classroom, they aren't as engaging as let's say, a soccer field. Our Sugarbean has been exposed to other children at her school, at playdates, etc, but she's never had to really  showcase true teamwork (What's gonna work, teamwork!--Wonder Pets reference). When my friend told me that she signed up her son, I signed up Mari and hoped for the best. We thought we were going to be on the same team, but as we discovered, they don't normally do co-ed unless specifically requested. Even at the U4 age group, they are separated by gender. Then the email was sent out to all of the parents asking for a coach because one hadn't stepped up to do it. I waited half the day and then tossed my name in the hat. I thought I would be selected to be the assistant coach. Within an hour, I received the message that I was the head coach, thanking me for volunteering, then told I didn't have an assistant...yet.

On a Saturday morning, off we went to purchase her cleats and shin guards. When we arrived at Dick's I was excited that they had a soccer special. Cleats, shin guards, and a ball for $30! Score! Even better was that we got 15% off our purchase. I went ahead and bought a couple of pair of workout shorts and a practice jersey. That evening, when I put them on her so she could try it out, she was too excited. I asked her what she wanted her team to be called and she said, "Spicy French Fries." Honestly, I don't know where this kid comes up with this stuff. She's never eaten spicy french fries, so I blame the TV advertisements. I emailed the rest of the team and who knew that kids had such a sense of humor. We had a resounding approval for the name Spicy French Fries. Hysterical. This league provides uniforms to the U4-U6 leagues. When I went to the coaching clinic, I picked 'em up. One practice later, we were ready for our first game.

I was so nervous. Seriously, I was ready to vomit, kind of nervous. I just kept telling myself, have fun. Be sure the girls have fun. Teach them that they are little ladies and they can play, have fun, and enjoy the game with grace. Teams are normally made up of 8 players. Before the start of the first game, one of the girls had pulled out for this season, so we were down to 7. No big deal. We play 4 on 4 with 10 minute quarters and a 2 minute half-time. We don't keep score. I'd brought orange slices for half-time and for the after game snack donut holes and juice boxes. 42 tough minutes later and I was shell shocked. 6 of the 7 girls were in tears. One had completely left the game and watched it from the safe confines of her family van. The other team played confidently and seemed to understand the game. Later, I talked with the League Director and he put is very simply. Up to this point, we've taught our children to take turns, share, and be nice. When we put them on the soccer field, there's quite a bit of yelling and chaos, there's stealing, there's shoving...all of these things we've spent the better part of their young lives telling them NOT to do. Be sure to distinguish to them that when they are on the field, it is ok and they have the permission to do otherwise. Not biting, but they can "play" and win. That was great advice and I tucked it in my pocket to reference at the next practice. I also made a goal to only have 3 girls cry at the next game and 1 less parent on the field (by the end of the game, every girl who played had their parent on the field).

We also practiced passing, trap-stopping, kicking it in, and celebrating. I taught the girls to high five one another. We practiced our little cheer "1-2-3...GET SPICY!" By Saturday, I felt we were more prepared.

Tesla was ready...Gooooo Sister!!!
The game was so humid, it was like standing in a wet sauna. A couple of my girls had been under the weather at practice, and they looked mildly better at the start. One of our players didn't show because she was ill. During the week, we had another girl drop out of the season. Our small team of 6 total was short-staffed to 5. We took the field as always and were ready for the kick off.
Mari had a drive to score, but literally stepped out of her shoe. She was completely embarrassed and wilted by it and chose to sit out a quarter because of it. When she returned, she was timid, but seemed excited to be there. She wanted to hold my hand, and I let her.
We ran up and down the field. During one of the other team's goal kicks, I told her that the gal was probably going to "pass" it to her and for her to be ready. Sure enough, the gal kicked it in to Mari and it rolled to her feet. She stared at me seeking permission and I motioned for her to kick it in. And that is how the Sugarbean scored her first ever goal. She ran over and gave the gal from the other team a high five and I told her to thank her for the pass. The other little girl was so excited too! Was it possible that they were actually having fun? There were a few quarters we cut short and our girls were ready for it to be over. They happily snacked on their apple slices, chocolate bunnies, and chocolate milk. I looked around and realized that not one of them had cried! I only had 3 parents on the field, including myself. I considered it a major victory!

Now, I still need to get her to not get her feelings hurt when someone takes the ball away. (Who is this timid child?) I want her to not give up so easily and completely shut down. Luckily, we have a few more months of this to work on it. When I really think about it, this is why I wanted her to be in organized sports. I wanted her to get out of her comfort zone, learn about teamwork, learn what it means to commit to something/someone, and to have fun. Kinda like what we do at home with our family, but with her team. I see her growing more and more as she gets to know the girls more and becomes more of their friend. That brings me comfort, knowing that she already values her friendships. :) It's definitely been a fun adventure and I'm glad to be an official "soccer mom."

Any advice from you folks who've gone through this? Any thoughts?

Meal Preparation Preschool Style

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is no secret that we like to prepare our meals around here. For a few months now, Don has given more and more tasks to the Sugarbean. Before, when I let her help me bake, I would just allow her to pour the pre-measured items into mixing bowls. You can imagine my surprise the first time I walked in on them preparing breakfast for dinner and Mari was cracking the egg with ease. I was quite impressed. I later saw her using a butter knife in an attempt to slice celery. I saw frustration growing across her face. I realized that she genuinely wants to help and be a part of the process.

Instead of keeping her out of the process and away from helping, we've decided to include her. I located Pampered Chef's My Safe Cutter. Retails about $4 (highly recommend this product and you may be able to find something that works for less, I just happened to be invited to a PC party and made the obligatory purchase, you know what I'm talking about).

This serrated knife is sharp enough to cut through apples and potatoes, but can still slice through breads and tomatoes. Look, I sound like an infomercial! Someday, I would like for her to learn how to properly slice and dice vegetables and fruit with a chef's knife, but for now, she's able to use a sawing motion to cut. Since we've had it, she has a new found fervor for  meal prep. She will eagerly slide her stool in position, set up her cutting board, and go to town. And she follows the rules well.

  • The knife never leaves the kitchen, ever. 
  • No walking/running with the knife. 
  • Only cut food with the knife.
  • After use, the knife gets placed by the kitchen for us to clean it. 
  • When we remove it from the dishwasher, the cardboard sleeve goes back on.
  • Place it in the drawer designated for the knife. 

dicing cauliflower
I think we are well on our way! :)

Preparing the foods isn't the only thing that goes into meal prep. For the actual meal, we must set the table and get our drinks. She is responsible for placing the napkins/cutlery on the table and getting her own water. We have placed her cups in a lower cupboard so she can reach them. Lately, we've been enjoying our meals together gathered around a traditional Korean coffee/tea table that was gifted to us by our dear friend, TJ before she moved. (kamsamhamnida Teej!) It's great because Tesla can sit in her Bumbo and we are all joined together, which makes the meal more intimate. My favorite moment is witnessing us all bent down in prayer, everyone holding hands, including Tesla, with Guapo reverently by our side. After the meal, we all take our plates to the kitchen and M's job is to wipe down the table. Everyone helps, regardless.

What about you? When did you/will you introduce kitchen skills to your little ones? This is a great reference page for Increasing Preschoolers Mealtime Independence.

Learn How to Make Your Own Crochet Coffee Sleeve (Coffee Cozy)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee sweater? What's that? Well, you coffee drinkers...let me to-go coffee drinkers who buy your coffee from shops instead of making it at home, are often given a warm cup of heaven in a paper cup. If you are lucky, immediately next to the piping hot goodness are cardboard sleeves to keep your hands from burning. After all, the coffee you get is pretty hot. For this very reason, I elect to order my drinks at a cool-er 140 degrees.
...but I still use the cardboard sleeve. 

I must go though two of these a day at work and once a week for when I go out, so that's about 10-12, but I've known that I've used about 15 in a week!!! That's too much waste! Enter the indie coffee shop. A few weeks ago, I treated myself to a wonderful bit of goodness to a local shop (hi Crooked Tree! seriously, if you've not tried it, go there and feel awesome and artistic and welcomed! good stuff). They frequently have stuff on display that you can purchase. Stuff like hand woven/dyed scarves from Africa, coffee, cookies, muffins, and coffee cozys! This time, the sleeve was actually a beautifully cable-knitted sweater. I loved it. And while I was ready to whip out some of my discretionary income to buy one, I made a mental note to make one. Because I have yarn at home that needs to be turned into something. (Sidenote, I've been avoiding purchasing this awesome felt cozy, but I don't know how much longer I'll hold out.)

I searched online for a coffee sleeve pattern, but all I came up with was for knitting or sewing. I didn't want to sew one, I really wanted that sweater effect. When we had rain the other evening (hooray for rain!!!!!!), I sat down to make a Christmas gift. I was going to make a sweater. I was doing the single chain when I realized that I didn't have enough of this particular yarn to make a full sweater. Since I bought it last year, I knew that the lot wouldn't match exactly. Instead, I thought I'd whip up a cozy. I don't know how crochet patterns work, but I know how to count. ha ha! Here's what I did:

  • 9 or 10mm gauge needle
  • Jiffy yarn (not sure if it was thick & quick or just regular)
  • 18-20 single chains (with a couple of extra to do the double crochet turn)
  • double crochet 4 rows
  • crochet the rectangle together

crochet coffee cozy!

I've clearly used it multiple times, but I just have to remember to bring my coffee sweater! :)

This is a nifty crochet reference page where I found this video.

Product Review: The Knot Genie

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mari has curls that won’t quit. Much to many hairdresser’s dismay, we’ve never cut her hair. Not even a trim! When wet, her hair lays flat all the way to the top of her bum. It’s LONG! It’s WILD! It’s BEAUTIFUL!
When it comes to brushing her hair, though, it’s not so pleasant. There have been times that I’ve threatened her with having to cut it (knowing I wouldn’t do such a thing, but she doesn’t know that!). She loves having long hair like Rapunzel. Our ritual: wash hair once a week, condition with every bath, leave a pea-size amount of conditioner in her hair, spray with detangler, wide tooth comb wet hair, and blow dry. In the mornings, I smooth her hair down at the crown with Palmer’s Coconut hair milk. We brush out the “rats” once a week and man, it’s a chore!
Because of Zulily, I had the opportunity to purchase The Knot Genie at a discounted rate. I checked out the video and set up a game plan. Here’s the video:

Here is our before photo after the shower. Look how tight those curls are.
Here I am brushing it.
Here is the final.
(I can put up a video of the process if you are interested.)
Anyway, it is still a bit of an issue to brush her hair, but the process is much faster. She likes to brush her own hair, wet or dry. She loves the design and how it fits in her hand. I think the design is really great too. There were still a few knots, but I didn’t see as much hair being yanked out. I certainly didn’t hear that ripping sound of hair either. We didn’t have any tears and only one really big confrontation, which had more to do with her wanting to do it herself and not me. The bristles are pliable and for me, when I brush my own hair, it feels pretty good. I’ve scratched my head with it and wow, it feels awesome, not abrasive!
I give it a thumbs up and I would definitely recommend it if you have a kiddo with unruly hair and brushing/combing is quite an ordeal. I’m very glad that I purchased two; a purple one for the Sugarbean and a blue one for Baby T (for when she gets her own hair). I kinda wish I had that fancy silver one for myself!
**I was not paid by The Knot Genie to write this article. Nor did they approach me to write it, either. These opinions are my own because I thought the product was nifty.**
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