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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the mom's message board I belong to, we do a Day in the Life of our kiddos. Well, yesterday was day off day for me, so here is my version of DITL. Warning, if you are offended by no make-up and sweat, you're not gonna like these pictures. Then again, if you are reading this, you probably don't really know me, because if you did, then you know these are true to life when I'm not at work. :)

I woke up feeling not so great, so Mari brought in her blankies (red and blue w/ stars) to comfort me. I'm sipping on a Grande Dark Cherry Mocha, nonfat, hold the whip, 140. (yes I realize there are a gatrillion calories in it, I get the nonfat, hold the whip b/c I'm lactose intolerant). I figure the caffeine coupled with my Snuggie will give me the necessary pep in my step. 
Here we are at Studio Movie Grill. Don't hate on my glasses. I wish I could've kept mine. I loved 'em, well, that pair. The first pair had a gnarly scratch on 'em. See, I'm feeling much, much better.
 We headed out to Ikea, but I didn't get a photo of that. Don did snap me getting fitted for my brand new sneakers. Yaaay! I know you're jealous of my socks.
After that, we headed on over to Market Street, unloaded the car, and set off to pick up Mari from school. We then went for a 4.3 mile jog and finished up in the parking lot doing some interval training. Here I am sucking air doing lunges. I do believe Mari's lunges were much better than mine. Look at her go, isn't she a natural?
She does love to blow on dandelions. I'm glad she remembered from last year! And just like last year, she she got frustrated and picked off all of the seeds and threw them. LOL!
While we were in the middle of our run, we stopped by the park. Mari has now mastered the climbing wall.

 And look at that smile. Doesn't she melt your heart? Cutie pie. She likes the swings, but LOVES the slide.
And at the end of the day, here I sit in my little "office" working on 13bfoto to wrap up the day. See how I the space is both computer area and sewing area. Nice!
Special thanks to Don for being my very own personal paparazzi! Thanks for an awesome vacation day!

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