Recon-a-thon '10...belated

Monday, March 8, 2010

However long ago, Jackie over at The Fabric Floozie announced a contest to repurpose an article of clothing into something else. Basically, you take an article of clothing that you no longer use, you found for super cheap, but you just bought it for the fabric, or there's a shirt that you absolutely love, but the time has come for its purpose as a shirt has come to an end. Behold such a shirt. Ahhh...this shirt and I had some good times. I do so love knits, especially in awesome shades of blue with a thin black horizontal stripe. For this project, I plan to make a pair of panties, a matching tank top, and either some tights or babylegs from the long sleeves.

First up, here's the cut out of the panties. I totally free-handed the cut. Probably would've been best to try with another type of fabric for my first time. The first one is always the guinea pig, right. ha ha
And here is the first finished piece. Tiny panties with baby pink lace. One leg, I tested the lace on the outside. The other leg, I tested on the inside to give it more of a look like store bought.

Collectively, I hoped that I might've had a snowballs chance of competing in the contest, but after seeing the entries, I'm glad that I was delayed in my own entry. But I do believe it that the final product is going to be uber cute! Then again, here's another project that I'm certain Mari will REFUSE to wear. ha ha! And for the record, I want it to be known that we aren't in dire straits that I have to make chones for Mari. I just thought it would be really neat for her to have an original pair, handmade with love, and not plastered with cartoon characters. Nothing wrong with those, but a simple pair is fun too. Oh, and I do have some residual scraps that I will make into tiny ruffles and sew on a store brand of training pants (made blue for boys, but with ruffles, it'll be for Mari!).

What kinds of craftiness have you been up to?

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