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Thursday, April 30, 2009

cheers to anniversaries!

Victims of Mass Media Hysteria

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For the past couple of days, Mari has been cranky, somewhat feverish, and had a runny nose. We figured she was just cutting another tooth. No big deal right.

This morning when she awoke, Don thought she had fever. I had her wait a bit and just before we left, there was no fever. Again with the runny nose, so I thought, yep she's cutting a tooth. What really prompted that thought wasn't the massive chewing she's been doing on the furniture or on her toys, but when she leaned right on over and bit my toes. Yes, she thought my toes were chew toys for her whim! Anyway, off she went to school.

When I got home from work, she was back to cranky Mari. She refused to sleep or nap, insisting on being held, then pushing away, then swatting, followed by crying. We were told that she had some diarrhea or loose bowels. Naturally, I was concerned, but chalked it up to teething. Again, a symptom for it, right? Well, when she didn't want to eat much of dinner I was concerned. She'd been coughing some, so I gave her some diluted OJ and a yummy earth lollipop to help soothe her throat. Well, moments after finishing her OJ and two licks into her lollipop, she projectile vomited copious amounts of mucus. Gross, I know, but part of parenthood. Don calls Mari borrachita and I call her our frat sister. College memories of vomit infused with pizza and wobbly walking makes me think I'm reliving those hazy days. ha ha!

In all seriousness, though, I had an emotional breakdown. I scared Mari, freaked out Don, and in my blubbering mess, I managed to pull myself together long enough to grab my purse, her diaper bag, and a blanket to head out to Acute Care for Kids. (Love them!) It was pouring down rain about as hard as the tears were flowing down my face. I sent out a text asking for prayers because, really, I had no idea what was wrong. I said a prayer asking for God to watch over Mari and for her to not have N1H1 aka Swine Flu. God doesn't give you more than you can handle, but I wasn't sure if I was strong enough to handle this. I laced my nervous fingers inside of Don's, as the wipers thwacked away at the wet windshield. I nervously chatted about the day, doing my best to ward off another crying spell.

We arrived to the clinic and they got us in immediately. No fever! She checked her ears and no ear infection. Her stomach sounded fine. Then she checked her throat and saw redness. They swabbed her for strep and the results came back negative. She did have swollen lymph nodes near her throat, and coupled with the redness in her throat led to a simple sore throat diagnosis. We just have to keep her hydrated. Whatever it is, it is probably viral and we have to let her strong, little immune system fight it off. I took great comfort in it and I breathed a great sigh of relief. I wanted to hug the doctor and the nurse. I got a little choked up, but again, fought of the urge.

Thanks for all of the prayers for those of you readers who are on my phone tree. A little overreaction, but it is better to be safe than sorry, right? All that hype surrounding N1H1 got the better of me.

A special thanks to Superstar Don who remained calm and not only cradled us both, but caught most of the mess and cleaned it up, as well. He's so awesome. High five, babe!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I sit here typing, tears streaming down the face simply because I saw a movie that has moved me so much (as I knew it would, hence the reason I put off wanting to see it) that I felt the need to spew a bit of word vomit.

I have been very fortunate in my life to have been loved, truly loved, and adored. Yet, there has only been one whom I've completely and totally returned the favor. Every day I wake and give thanks to God for letting me live another day with this man. Amongst my greatest fears is not having him next to me to hold tight, or laugh with, or eat my cooking adventures, or hold my hand and comfort me as I watch our daughter grow more and more each passing day.

Happiness doesn't begin to describe my life. Complete. Cheesy, I know, but really, it's true. I always felt a bit left. There were constant differences from me to the rest of the world. My family accepted (tolerated) me. Loving me unconditionally. I dated...and with each heartbreak (theirs and mine) I learned another lesson that brought me closer to my beloved: Self-Acceptance. Adventure. Tolerance. Patience. Faith. Creativity. Willingness. Dialogue. Laughter.

And on that fateful day six years ago. God's grace shone down on him and opened my eyes to my future. I felt it and it shook me at the core, so much so that I dared to utter the words aloud: That's the man I'm going to marry. And I did. Life, as I knew it, changed.

People say all the time that the person you should be with makes you want to be a better person. How does that person have that affect on you to begin with? Is it because we allow it to happen? It's easy to get caught up in all of the inner conversations. With him, I learned to let go and just enjoy it all. Because life by his side is a fun adventure.

We celebrate four years of marriage tomorrow. We're going to 6 Flags because my company had free tickets to get in, parking, and dinner. Inexpensive, far from extravagant, but the best thing is that I get to be with him and the best gift he ever gave me: Marisabelle.

Today, go out and hug your significant other tighter. And if you don't have a significant other, no worries, you will. You just might not be aware of that person just yet. Spread the love!

Spring Means Color

After gardening was over, I pulled out my acrylic paints to get all kinds of craftastic up in our house. My niece and nephew were hanging out with us and I like getting all crafty when they are around. They are so much fun and they say they like it, so we do it. Since Mari loves to do what her older cousins do, she was insistent on doing some painting of her own.

I took an old shirt of mine and put it on her backwards. I used clothespins to tighten it up and let her loose. She sat on the floor with paintbrushes in hand having all sorts of fun. She painted the plate, the paper, the outdoor furniture, and even the wall! I didn't fret about the wall. It actually needs painting, well, it needs replacing entirely, but having her "art" on the wall makes it that much brighter.

And speaking of painting all things, this included her hands, her arms, her legs, and yes, her hair and face too.
This is with the yellow. I later added blue, red, and purple. I forgot to grab a picture of the wall and the finished product on the paper. I added my own touch and the art piece is our first mommy-daughter painting. I need to frame it. :)
And here are the asiatic lilies that have made an appearance in our yard. We really enjoy them. Last year they were bold and bright and this year isn't any different. I love to look at them, but we can't cut them and bring them inside because I'm allergic to them. Oh well, they are still pretty. Enjoy.

Triathlon Hero

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Early Sunday morning arrived pleasantly, and each of us was in a good mood. The kids didn't put up any kind of fuss. Even Mari woke up in a happy mood. Then again, she always wakes up happy when I sing to her right before she opens her eyes. So sweet.

Anyway, we loaded up the car and were on the road at 6:15 AM. Everyone was kinda zoned out and there I was jamming out to Jock Jams blaring on XM. We pulled into McD's and even after I ordered it, I was mad that I didn't pull over to Whataburger instead for taquitos. Oh well.

We found the place and had to park a few blocks away. We trekked through the the mighty winds and the clouds threatened to pour down rain.

We settled in near the bike area. Here's a picture of Mari playing in the wind. See how her curls are flattened out? She loved swatting at it, then clapping afterwards.

Here she is, the superstar in the flesh. This is just before the start of the race. I was so excited and nervous for her!
Pushing through that last bit of the swim. Looking great after that 300 meter swim!
Alright, she has her biking and running gear on, ready to power through that 11 mile ride.
This kid is 12 years old and this is his 3rd triathlon!!! Here he is finishing strong.
Alrighty, she finished the bike ride and is pulling her hair back to run the 5k. She made up some SERIOUS time on the run portion.
Here I am yelling at her. I ran the last 400 up the hill with her. You can see Zeni in the blue shirt in the background. She also ran with is. It was so hard to tell her motivation words without choking up. And for those of you who are creeped out by my Vibram 5 Fingers, don't look at my feet, because here they are in action.

Finishing strong. I love this photo (good job, Don!). She has so much strength, poise, and grace. RAIDER POWER!!!

Woot!!! 1 hour and 48 minutes. Amazing!!!
Her motivation, these awesome kiddos. Love them and we had so much fun hanging out with them. Thanks Sam for letting us watch them. They were such a help with our garden.

Sisters. And look at my hair...I had the keratin treatment done and even though it is still wild and crazy and ridiculously wind blown, my hair is looking pretty good. This is just a was straight from the shower with no product. Woohoo!! Lovesit.

And I love my sister. Ever my hero.

Garden 101...Thanks Jenna

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In honor of Earth day and our annual garden planting, I set out to contribute to our garden. I normally just tell Don what I would like to have and magically, a few months later, we'll have fresh product from our very own backyard. It's really cool, but I feel bad that Don does all the work. This year, he told me that he wasn't going to grow and tomatoes and it kinda broke my heart. Every year we've lived in this house, Don has attempted to grow tomatoes and while we haven't had many tomatoes, it is just a staple of our garden.

Anyway, I was catching up on my reading and came across Jenna's post. I was inspired to embark on the gardening journey. After we ran our 5K, we stormed to Lowe's and loaded up on some other goodies. Here's the original paper with my plans. You can see my clay wormie to remind me to water. I love that little guy and so did Mari.
There's wormie again! Also, you can see the awesome potting mix and seeds that Jenna gifted me. There are my tomato plants and that teeny guy in the front is a habanero. Habaneros seem to be the only thing I can grow with any consistency. Odd isn't it?
This stuff is liquid gold. Liquid seaweed. I used it on all of our plants and they seemed super duper happy! I also bought a bag of Texas seeds. I meant to scatter them all over our backyard. Maybe next weekend (although, I think they would've LOVED the rain we're supposed to get this week).
Here's my table of supplies. Your eyes don't deceive you, that is a silver serving spoon. I didn't have an adequate shovel and well, I needed a scooper, so when in need, why not? (Similar to my cake server that I used as a trowel when I helped out with the brick laying.) Look, there's wormie again!
Ok, first you cut an X through the coco liners.
I carefully put in my tomato plant upside down. Hello plant!
Here I am mixing the soil. Don had some soil from Calloways, so I mixed Jenna's soil with the Calloways soil. I felt like I was playing mother nature mixing the soils. It was just like making a cake. A cake for my plants and they thought it was yummy!
So I scooped in the dirt to the hanging plant, then at the top I planted peas. Here they are. I said, c'mon peas, grow, grow, grow!
Mari wanted to help. She took the spoon and mixed too. And then she put a handful in her mouth. No honey, that is food for the plants!!! Not chocolate. I turned my back and there was another mouthful hanging out. Blech! Do you think she has pica??? I think it serves me right. When Brother was younger, I told him that dirt was chocolate and he ate it.
Give me the soil, baby! Let's give it to the plants.
Here' take it out of my hand and put it in the pot. (See Guapo? He was out there too!)
Yaaaay!!! Putting the dirt in the pot.
So that's it. I need to grab some pictures of Don's fancy garden. Oh and to let you all know, my plants are thriving. A couple of hours later, those tomato plants already started curling forward and the tiny bloom on one of the plants had gotten bigger. INCREDIBLE!

Plant a seed and it'll grow!

2nd Annual Seton Soles 5K

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed out to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Both Don and I were struggling to get up, but we'd committed to each other that we'd run this race. Don wanted to get in another 5K race before his triathlon in May and me...well, here's the story.

Last year, when I was getting out and about after having Mari, I had enough confidence to attempt a race. Don had recently purchased a jogging stroller for me and I wanted to see how I'd be able to use it in a race setting. At this point in time, I hadn't decided to run the NYC Marathon, I was just testing out my new mommy legs. I found the Seton Soles 5K and since it was the inaugural year, I figured, 'eh, why not. Will was in town and he decided to run it with us too.

This was the race that started it all. The running, the training, the catalyst to dreaming big! Little did I know that a race would have such an impact on my life. And not just my life, but other's as well. Don is going to be doing his first triathlon. My sister just completed her triathlon, a half marathon, and plans to run her own marathon this year!! Will not only shaved 6 minutes off his 5K race, but he won one too!!! Incredible.

There we were bright and early, happy as could be. The wind pounded down on us at every hill, but I powered through. Mari is a lot bigger, and let me tell you, pushing her is quite a bit harder than it used to be. I don't know how my time was, but I was happy to know that I could wake up and bust out a 5K, even after a few months off of running.
And I have to say that Mari ate an entire banana and half a large orange before the race. She's definitely eating more and I think it may be a growth spurt. Who knows, maybe next year she'll be running with us...nah, she'll need to ride in the jogging stroller a little longer.

Product Rave: Booster Seat and Tiny Diner...and some restuarant reviews

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You all know me enough to know how much I love to rave about a product when I find one that I love. Well, this case is no different. I'm going to highlight two very functional products and why we love them.

First off, Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat priced at $19.99. Ok, some of you may be thinking, what?? That looks like a flimsy booster seat and don't you already have a high chair that you currently use? Yes, actually and I love that one too!

BUT, there still lingered one of our big problems: Every time we go out to eat, all of the high chair straps are broken!! Grr... We have one of those car seat and high chair covers and it works fabulously. However, the straps don't have the plastic connector, they are wrapped up in tiny knots, one strap is missing, etc...the list goes on and one. I can't tell you how happy we are when we come across a high chair that actually has working straps, isn't wobbly, only to be discouraged when we go to slide her to the table and discover that the table is about eye level. REALLY?? Now, with grocery carts it isn't a big deal to keep an eye on her. She's right there in front of me and she enjoys busying herself with different produce, mommy's phone, or what have you. But when we're trying desperately to eat and she crawls out of the chair, wails b/c she can't reach her food (which I'd be upset about too!), is upset for whatever reason, you can understand our level of frustration.

One time, we went to a restaurant that was so brand new they didn't have a high chair. I knew this ahead of time and packed the one that we had. While not too heavy, it was pretty bulky and added on to the weight of all the stuff we typically have as parents. I remembered how pleasant that experience was when I came across this chair. I saw it in the store and really LOVED how compact and light it was. Nothing fancy about it, just a series of light weight plastic with straps, but straps that were intact. GLORY BE!! (And seriously, the heavens parted and the angels sang when I had this amazing revelation!) This past weekend when I was doing my girlfriend brunch, we went to Buzzbrews* and they had such a seat. After the positive experience, I made haste to make the purchase, took it home, wiped it down, and stored it in the car for later use.

Last night, I was in the mood for enchiladas and after a long, long, long day, I just wasn't up for cooking. We went out to our favorite local Mexican joint: El Norte Mexican Grill**. Good stuff right there! As we walked in, we tell him table for 2 and a baby (obvious) and when he asked us if we wanted a high chair two thoughts immediately went into my mind: Groan, their high chairs are too low AND the straps don't work! *BLING* But we have our new booster chair in the car!!! I ran back, saying over my shoulder, make sure we get a table and not a booth! When I returned, I popped off the tray, fastened the straps, and Mari was in the seat in no time flat. We pushed the chair in and whatdoyouknow, she was the proper height!! HIGH FIVE!!

She LOVED her chair. She didn't complain once about being in it. We knew she made it hers when she took her crayon and proceeded to draw on it. While I'm not in love with the colors, this seat is a definite gem and perfect find. Now we aren't ever going to have to worry about using those other high chairs, so long as we have this with us. (blech, how could I forget about all of the pesky germs that probably live in those other high chairs too, not to mention the bits of dried out food and what not??)
Next up is the Tiny Diner Placemat. I can't tell you how much we use this darn thing. I'm just kicking myself every time we leave a restaurant because we forgot the diaper bag that houses the placemat. Also, I really wish it came in purple. In any case, it is wonderful. It keeps all of the food and since she still eats off of a mat (we've tried the dish thing and she just flings it off the table and is upset because she lost the food and is still hungry. baby steps!) or a flat surface, we think this thing is very, very practical. Not only does it keep the food , but it has this little pocket to not only catch falling food, but also helps when you roll up the mat for storage. AND the nifty suction cups on the underside keep it in place. Good stuff!
*Buzzbrews, great place to eat, healthy, organic choices, amazing coffee bar, reasonable prices. The only drawback is that it is quite cozy, but you would only really notice it if you had a child and lugged in a purse and diaper bag and were parked in the corner where you had to squeeze past larger men to get to your chair. Definitely going back!

**El Norte Grill, amazingly fresh choices and very authentic. We genuinely feel like we were whisked away to a Mexican Cantina when we first step in. It is whimsically decorated in your typical Mexican regalia, complete with twinkle lights and raffia. So kitsch, but it really works and adds to the overall experience. The first time I went there, I was unimpressed, but that is because my tastebuds were off. I've been pleasantly surprised each time I've gone back. Mom and Carol both love this place, and Don considers it a favorite. If we had the ability to go out to eat every night of the week, El Norte would be on that list (along with Chettinaad Palace and Great Wall) If you are in the neighborhood and want Mexican and local, definitely check this plae out!

Whistling Dragons, Sippys & Carseats, Plus a Movie Review

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're in that in-between age where Mari is starting to express herself and understands that she's her own person. She is really frustrated because she can't always communicate to us what is going on or what she's thinking. She's pretty effective at pointing, doing some signing, and can say some words, but when she wants to convey more complex feelings or thoughts, that's when we get the tantrums. They've started and sometimes are quite funny. We try not to laugh and when they get especially bad, we try not to let it overwhelm us. Sometimes she lashes out and we have to put her in a time out chair. She understands the concept of time out, that it is a form of punishment, but also, it gives her time to let out her frustration and calm down. It is sooooo hard to just let her sit there and cry, though; especially when the tears flow it isn't just screaming. Breaks my heart, to the point that I sometimes have to leave the room and cry myself, but I'm getting better. We're all getting better.

Yesterday, when Don got home, he and Mari will hang out in the office. She has her toys and some books in there. She'll sit and "read" aloud while turning pages or will freely explore the corners of the room. But she keeps her favorite book in the office. It is called If I Had a Dragon/Si Yo Tuviera Un Dragon. She absolutely LOVES when we read her this book. So much so that she will sign more or make a mamama (mas=more in spanish) sound while thrusting the book in our lap or face. Don swears that not only did she beg to have the book read to her, but she also said "dah-go." It was so sweet. There's also a part in the book where they talk about whistling or silbar. During that part of the book, Don and I will pause and whistle out a melody. Him, a fun and whimsical tune. Me, a sassy cat call, ha ha...I think I should get more creative! Well, when we got to that page, wouldn't you know that she was blowing her little cheeks out trying her darndest to whistle. So, so, so precious!! [thank you Carol for the book! I think we may need to get another!]
Avent Magic Cup
Next up, we decided that it was time to put away the bottles and transition on over to sippy cups. We had three different kinds to begin with and the one she really seemed to like the most were the Avent cups. She refuses any cup that has the handles on it! Well, yesterday, we attempted a full day without a bottle. We weren't very successful. She hardly drank any milk, but she did have more water. We're going to keep trying for the next couple of days. This morning, she did have her milk in her cup, but didn't drink all of it and it was a slow go getting her to start. She did, however, refuse to let me hold the cup or put it away. Instead, she insisted on cradling it in her tiny arms like she does her two dolls (one is a plush Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and the other is a little babydoll that we've yet to know the name because Mari hasn't given her one yet). I don't know if I'm rushing her to the next stage. While the doctor recommended it about a month ago, I held off hoping to slowly transition into it. We were pretty successful with juice and water, but not the milk. We'll just have to see. The pacifier is the next step...eeek!

Also, this past weekend, we broke down and bought Mari a second car seat for the car and decided to put away the carrier and base to be used later. (Sigh! At least we got just over a year's use out of it!) After much research, we finally settled on the Britax Boulevard CS. This was my original choice for a car seat, and when we bought the first one for our Equinox several months ago, we opted for Evenflo Advance primarily because it fit all of our requirements and the price was right. This time, we shelled out the extra dollars and let me tell you, each time we've put her in the seat, it hasn't been one single struggle. She just gets in there and settles in for the ride. I can't say the same about the Evenflo. Plus, the straps won't turn and get caught up like they do on the other. Not a big deal, right, but when you have to reposition them at least once a week, it is kind of a pain. AND best of all, it is made in the USA!!! High five!


First off, I watched Dan in Real Life online via Netflix. I'd been on the fence to watch this movie because the trailers didn't readily agree with me. From the trailers, I wasn't sure what was actually going on. But wow...what a wonderfully beautiful story filled with awkward moments. Not just those romantic awkward moments, but genuine family awkward moments. You know what I'm talking about. I could probably outline an exact moment in regards to my family, but this is about a movie review, so I'll refrain. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. There were some definite laugh out loud moments, some angry moments, and some incredibly heart wrenching moments where I just sat there and bawled. I made it a point to add this to my list of must owns! Steve Carell is hilarious, yes, but in this role, it showed a vulnerable side that I only caught glimpses of in Get Smart. I also love, love, love Juliette Binoche. She's simply amazing and that smile of hers is incredible! The entire cast, for that matter, is just awesome!
Next is Killer of Sheep another movie that has been out for ages and I'm totally and completely ashamed to admit that I didn't know of it already. Don put it in our Netflix queue thinking I would enjoy it and boy did I. I watched it twice and I still haven't sent it back! I need to find this movie and buy it. It was so real. It truly took you back to that time and era. There are several scenes of the children playing and it reminded me of my childhood. From age 2 to age 10, I spent in a predominantly black neighborhood. It was a very friendly neighborhood with neighbors that actually talked to one another. However, when it came to the schoolyard, there were times when kids would be kids and they were rough, both verbally and physically. Lucky for me, I was best friends with a gal who had many brothers and cousins, so I was "protected" from any harm. I guess for this reason, the movie really reached out to me. There I go again with personal anecdotes. Anyway, this is the best quote about the movie:
"If Killer of Sheep were an Italian film from 1953, we would have every scene memorized."— MICHAEL TOLKIN, SCREENWRITER

Powerful words, right there. But seriously, it was so very honest. Despite the low budget, the filming was spot on. If you aren't a fan of theater, with live acting, then you probably aren't going to like this movie. I would consider myself a fan of all types of film. So much so that I took a Film Appreciation: History of Movies class my last semester in college. I don't recall this film being on the list of required materials, let alone one that was screened in class. Then again, it was just recently restored and last year it was screened, unfortunately, it didn't make it over to Texas. In any event, it was a great film.
Happy Earth Day!

Va va Keratin!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today, I had the opportunity to get a keratin treatment on my hair by my stylist, Keri Kirchoff (call 817-521-5316 for more information). I arrived and I was quickly briefed on what to expect.

First, she washed my hair 4 times with a clarifying shampoo. Next, she completely blow dried my hair and that's the craziness that you see in the before picture. I actually had another before picture, but it pretty much looked like this one, so I used this one since you can get a better idea of how my hair looks. After that, she started to apply the Keratin in small sections, just covering it enough, and not completely saturating. I had to let it set on my head and then she flat ironed it out completely, in equally small sections like before. Before she started to flat iron it, my hair felt so spongy and I cracked a joke that it felt like a brillo pad moisturized with twigs and berries. Seriously, it felt like a REALLY bad wig. But slowly, the heat from the flat iron activated the product and instantly my hair had that va va voom look. I was sold.

It looks great, feels incredible, and I can't believe the difference! Now I can't wash my hair until Friday, nor can I pin it back, put it in a pony tail, or tie back in any way. This is going to definitely be a challenge, but my patience will pay off dividends! I was assured an extra week, possibly even two for following directions (the treatment will yield approximately 12 - 16 weeks of silky, shiny, smooth hair...just in time for summer!!!). So here's to hoping that my patience will kick into over drive!!!

Seriously, give Keri a call, she's a miracle worker!!

Happy Birthday Missy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hope you have a fabulous day!! I'm so glad that Brother found you. Cheers to many more!!

Hot dogs, Cold Beer Here, Peanuts, GetyerpeaNUTS!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, folks, it is that time of year again. Time to break out the gear and pack the special bags for baseball! I may have gone into detail of my fondness for the game, but you have to understand, I really LOVE baseball. The bright green grass, the crack-thwack of the wooden bats (or clinks for high school or college games), the vendors hollerin and tossin' goods, the smell of hot dogs, squealing kids running to and fro' totin' a ball or worn glove, all of the fabulous caps, and the general rumble of the audience. Talk about loads of memories and nostalgia. I very nearly married a ballplayer and I'm certain it was just because he was a ballplayer, because the moment he stopped playing, the mystique wore off. ha ha...but no, in all seriousness, baseball and I have a springtime love affair, lasting all summer long. (Do you know how utterly happy I am in the fall with both baseball AND college football??!! Now I understand the reason I'm so depressed in January and February, ha ha!)

Anyway, we ventured out to the Ballpark for our inaugural game of the season. It warms my heart to see that Mari LOVES baseball as much as I do. She really took to the music, the food, and especially the gear! Not once did she freak out, even with all of my hootin' and heckling. She got so into it that when Daddy and I gave high five to one another, Mari held up her little hand, expectantly. *swoon* That's my girl!

Here is the view of the field from our seats on Home Run Porch. Even though we couldn't see the Jumbotron (and I didn't get there early enough to settle in to keep score), it was a perfect view!

Here's my family. At this point, the Rangers were getting blown out 10 - 4! YIKES!
Here's a self portrait from our seats. Mari was starting to wind down at this point since it was about half an hour past her bedtime. I was gluttonous and overdid it with the food. Yep, had my hot dog(s), brat, and cheese fries w/ jalapenos (hala-payn-ahhs as the very TEXAN server said). And I wonder why my belly ached when I got home. LOL
This one was grabbed when we met up with my friend on our way out. Good timing because the Rangers were rallying! I turned Mari's cap into a rally cap! It was a good run, but the Rangers lost 10 -9. Dangit!
We're heading back the day after my birthday. It should be a good game against the Astros! Thanks Mom and Dad for going and for all of the INCREDIBLE memories growing up!

Speaking of basebally, here's a list of the other parks I've visited:

Dodgers Stadium AKA Chavez Ravine: Los Angeles, CA

We took several trips to LA growing up and I look back on those trips with fond memories. I remember happily wearing my Dodger blue t-shirts (my favorite nightshirt, to this day, is a Dodger's shirt!) My great uncle played for the Dodgers and this stadium always holds a special place in my heart. We had the blue hair beanies, Gagne-game-over shows, fireworks galore, and blue bats! Plus, views of downtown LA on the horizon. I'm getting melancholy thinking about it. *sigh*

Angel Stadium of Anaheim, formerly Edison International Field
Home of the Rally Monkey!
I first came to this stadium with my father and made another trip a few years later with my dad and beloved. They have this rally monkey that gets everyone fired up and ready for a rally. It's quite hilarious and highly effective!

Tropicana Field: St. Pete, FL
Complete with indoor beach and cownose rays. Honestly, visiting this stadium depressed me. The players were working so hard and seemed like they were the only ones who really wanted to be there. Tickets were ridiculously cheap and once inside, there weren't many fans. Granted, it was in the middle of the week when I went, but still. I did think the entire area was really pretty and it could've been a better experience, but wasn't.

Coors Field: Denver, CO
A row of purple seats that mark the mile high point. Going to this game gave me shivers when I walked up to the park. I was so happy and giddy when we visited. We were in town for a wedding and celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. A month later, we learned of Mari's existence. :) Anyway, the game was excellent, getting to it was easy, the ambiance perfect. This is definitely one of those that we'll have to go back to!

Minute Maid Park: Houston, TX
Formerly Enron Field. I loved the retractable roof on this baby! The outfield was small and I determined that this was a hitters dream park. They've, since, proven me right.

And I have to admit that I haven't been to a game at the following places, but I've been in close enough proximity on the outside and was visibly upset because it wasn't baseball season or they had away games.
  • Safeco Field
  • PETCO Park
  • Citi Field (flown overhead several times)

Feliz dia de Pascua!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This is just a photo montage.

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!
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