Tuesday, March 9, 2010

after a long, long day where I spend quite a bit of time thinking and putting together puzzles, doing my best to bend time, and generally do my best at a job I very much love,, despite the mass quantities of caffeine intake, I'm just spent. Emotionally and physically spent. But then I'll think of my giggle monster at home, and that face...instant recharge. good thing too, because we run 300+ miles an hour. Those of you with a toddler or who have had a toddler, you know what I mean. Such a blessing indeed. Speaking of blessing, you need to see this:

I was stuck on a very busy NCX right at the beginning of rush hour. All day we'd been having some serious downpours. Before I left, I prayed to make it in time to pick up Mari since Don had open house. It was steadily coming down and traffic was a mess. But then I was forced to a dead stop. The skies cleared, the sun came out and there was this incredible double rainbow peeking out. And I was reminded that I needed to stop and appreciate the small things.

Blessings come from the most surprising of places and God will always find a way to let you know.

Don't forget to be kind to strangers. For some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it.
- Hebrews 13:2

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