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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I saw this on a friend’s blog and I thought, ok. Here is my list of 99. Not having done 19 is pretty good. Some may be surprising to y'all.

(The things I have done are bold.)

Copy and paste to your blog and let me know.

1. Started a blog
2. Slept under the stars
3. Bought something from an infomercial
4. Had more than one flat tire on the same road trip
Shopped at the Mall of America
6. Been to Disneyland
7. Climbed a mountain
Jumped on a pogo stick (failed miserably)
9. Fell from a tent naked as a child (what does that even mean?)
Been to Mt. Rushmore
11. Toilet papered someone’s house
Watched a lightning storm
13. Taught yourself an art from scratch
14. Sold knives (after the interview, I quit immediately after learning it involved cold calling for sales)
15. Had food poisoning
Put a worm on a hook
17. Had “Glamour Shots” taken
18. Failed a class
19. Been interviewed by the police
Had a pillow fight
21. Been a part of a Broadway show (not on Broadway, but was in one that had been before)
22. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill
Built a snow fort
24. Held a lamb
25. Gone skinny dipping
26. Ran a marathon
27. Been white water rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado
28. Played spades
Watch a sunrise or sunset
30. Hit a home run
31. Quit smoking (although, I started and stopped within hours)
Been a friend to someone no one else liked
33. Walked the stars on Hollywood Blvd.
Seen an Amish community in person
35. Ate tacos in Tijuana
Had enough money to be truly satisfied
37. Done tongue tricks for a crowd
38. Gone rock climbing
39. Adopted a middle-aged pet
Sung karaoke
41. Seen Old Faithful Geyser erupt
42. Burned my mouth on jalapeno seeds
43. Seen John Wayne’s birthplace
44. Walked on a beach by moonlight
45. Drove down Snake Alley
46. Witnessed someone else’s child being born
Call my brother his name backwards
48. Fell asleep on the couch
49. Wore mis-matched socks all day
50. Ran out of gas
51. Kissed in the rain
52. Played in the mud
53. Gone to a Drive-in Theatre
54. Been in a movie
55. Dated a criminal
56. Started a business
Made a stranger laugh
58. Burned tacos
Served at a soup kitchen
60. Sold Girl Scout cookies
Been in a cave
62. Got flowers for no reason (one of my favorite things!)
63. Danced to the music in my head
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma
Fell up the stairs
66. Bounced a check
67. Been to Cocoa Beach Fl.
68. Saved a favorite childhood toy
69. Wore a henna tattoo
70. Been given a car-for free (thanks Mom & Dad!)
Laughed hysterically at yourself
72. Had pink hair
73. Drove on the Golden Gate Bridge
74. Been fired from a job
75. Went horse back riding through mountains
. Broken a bone (although, nothing bigger than my pinkie toe)
77. Been a passenger on a motorcycle
78. Seen a redwood forest
79. Drove on the PCH
Saw Chicago from the Sears Tower
81. Watched a street performer on Venice Beach
82. Missed a flight
Had your picture in the newspaper
84. Had a surprise party thrown for me
85. Hailed a cab
86. Killed and prepared an animal for eating (I was unsuccessful in killing the snake, but I did try and I helped prep)
87. Had chickenpox
88. Been serenaded
89. Partied on a yacht
Met someone famous
91. Fired a gun
92. Got a tattoo
93. Had a baby
Seen the Alamo in person
95. Lived with an incredible view
96. Received a $50 tip.
Owned a cell phone
98. Been stung by a bee
99. Quit a job without giving notice (see 14)

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