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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On Sunday, I participated in Headshots for the Cure to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research. Well, I was EXTREMELY apprehensive going into this shoot because, well, I like being behind the camera, not in front. I'm not a model. I was sober, but I did have one sure thing, one of my besties with me who tagged along for moral support. I was TOTALLY stiff until the photographer suggested she come and make me laugh. After one very specific inside joke, I relaxed, laughed, and let my guard down. 

It was so warm under those lights, I was overcome with intense nostalgia remembering what it felt like to be on stage. It was time for me to throw down and smize. A very big MWAH to Rego for capturing exactly what I wanted. That lighting...INSANE! I really wished I would've opted for the green top and skirt, but I did my best with this. So many things to think about should I get the opportunity to do this again.
Luckily, Danika handed me that fabulous bracelet. I can't believe I totally forgot my necklace and other earrings. Oh well, so long as I had my Tech ring and my wedding ring, I was good to go.
And then there's this remote area that I wasn't really sure what to do. Had I drank my XL glass of sass that morning, I would've come up with something far better than the final result, but regardless, this was pretty good.
Despite the feelings of inadequacy (seriously, I was there and saw some of the beautiful, beautiful people before and after me and, well, I was feeling small) I really did have a ball. It was a whole lot of fun! Next time, though (I really hope there's a next time!), I'm definitely gonna have a mimosa, wear something a little more fabulous and take my own advice...wear a smile filled with confidence.

Anyway, I really liked it and if it's been a long while since you've been in front of the camera, I highly recommend it!

Thanks again Danika, Rego, Stacey, Mandi, and everyone else at Fresh Focus Point Photography, including the make-up artists, Cassie and Jerry!

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