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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This week's reviews are a mini series and a book. The first book review here at biasia. Enjoy! And the ratings this week are in relation to medicine since I've been quite poorly for the past week. For those of you in the same boat as myself, I pray that you are healed soon and your suffering (or someone close to you who is suffering) is soon diminished and your health renewed.
This is a mini series put out by HBO. I knew Don would really enjoy this mini series since the key players were ancestors of his (John Adams and John Quincy Adams). Interestingly enough, there were parts where Paul Giamatti isn't donning the wig and he sports a bald head and there are some very distinct features that they share. I understand they tried to be as accurate as possible. Don and I both conjectured which dialogue/actions are accurate and which are based on letters exchanged over the time. It is definitely a fun history lesson to watch for all of those who didn't pay attention in History class. The only disappointing thing I can say is that I didn't like the costumes as much as I wanted to. Definitely worth the rental! And both Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney's performances are incredible. BTW, Linda, if you are reading this, that Thomas Jefferson is quite a looker! Rating: Full dose of nyquil...cherry flavored.

THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett
RUN, don't walk to buy this book. If you are near me and want to borrow it, first one to call dibs is welcome to borrow my copy. I INHALED this novel in the course of a sickly weekend, more than half of it in one afternoon. Kathryn has such a way of adding such vibrant colors to her characters, you can see the key players walking around in front of you. I heard about this book from The Daily Lit's weekly newsletter. They had sent an excerpt which I gobbled up immediately. My absolute favorite thing about this book is the author's final note about why she wrote the novel. Indeed it added a personal touch! So what is the book about? Well, it is told in 3 different perspectives, with one chapter told in omniscient voice. Each of their voices ring loud and clear. I found myself hooked at the end of the chapter and wanting to fast forward to the next part to read more about what would happen. It all flowed rather nicely, though, and I was lucky to see the different perspectives. I found myself being more compassionate, pausing to analyze different perspectives of those around me. If you read this, maybe we can have a virtual book club in April, if you are interested. Let me know! I rate this a double shot of cough syrup with codeine and a healthy side of amoxicillin!

have a great week!

*By the way, check out my photo blog to see some awesome before and afters from the photo shoot this past weekend!

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Ellen said...

I loved JA, too, except for the TEETH! They freaked me out.

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