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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To keep myself accountable, I wrote out a list of all of the things I wanted to accomplish on my "vacation" day. Well, I did pretty good at tackling the list. I didn't get it all done, but I got quite a bit completed.
  • Run
  • Laundry
  • Postcards
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    • presentation
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Special Surprise for Destinee (started)
  • Evite for Pearl Trunk Show
  • Bought running shoes
  • Ikea trip for organizing essentials and bought a new wall lamp for Mari
In a separate post, I will chronicle my day in the life in pictures. Until then, here's my review of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Absolument brillante! I have no idea why I felt the need to say it in French. It is a wacky sort of day, folks. Anyway, I LOVED this film. Truth be told, I wasn't going to watch it until it came out on DVD. But when Sivje did her movie review on the film (mainly the costumes and such), I made a mental note to not completely dismiss it. But then...when the resounding reviews from my friends came in about how they loved it (some watching it multiple times and a couple of  'em NEVER watch a movie in a theater, let alone twice), I had to watch it. 

We set off to Studio Movie Grill and saw in 3D. Initially we were going to watch the regular film, but because it was lunch time and we thought we'd be hungry (*ahem* thankyousomuch Starbucks for the appetite suppresant), so we didn't have much of a choice because that is only way they were showing it. I nibbled on an order of sweet potato fries and fell into a fantasy land that I hadn't seen since my childhood.

As a hyper-imaginative child, I was often ridiculed for thinking impossible thoughts, and teased for seeing the world in more vibrant colors than it actually was. It built character, indeed. Lucky for me, I had both a mother and a father who supported this unique viewpoint. Anyway, I firmly believe that if I knew Tim Burton and/or Helena Bonham Carter we'd be best of friends. I ADORED this film. Each character brought out a vibrant personality, except Anne Hathaway. I know she did as best as she could, but I just wasn't feeling her as the white queen. Alan Rickman was a CGI blue caterpillar and threw up a better performance than she did. I wish I had a patch in Absylum's likeness. I realize not everyone was in love with this film as I was, but it was truly amazing to see a near perfect replica of my dreamworld on the big screen. 

I must admit that I have never seen any Alice film, nor have I read any of the books. Bad Bianca! Truth be told, I took it for face value. I thought the Mad Hatter was truly angry, not insane. Had I known of the insanity before, I'm sure that I would've been a loyal follower from the get-go. Speaking of, can Johnny Depp do any wrong? Noooo! He's adorable. I loved the relationship he and Alice form on-screen. After the first 3 minutes, I quit seeing Elijah Wood and started seeing the Mad Hatter. While there were parts of it that were frightening, there are certainly elements that are truly magical and wonderful, that children should be exposed to immediately. With that, I'm considering taking Mari to see it, not in 3D, but regular. She really likes the Wizard of Oz and isn't freaked out by it. Nor is she scared by Monster v. Aliens or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you were an imaginative child, I highly recommend you go out and see this RIGHTNOW if you haven't already.

Cheers to all of you who may have lost your muchness...then later went on a journey to re-discover it.

For the rest of you...OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

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