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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I honestly can't believe I'm going to share this story with you all. However, I feel it needs to be shared so you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully, you can lock in a helpful reference tip should you ever need it. Anyway, here it goes...

Good Friday was amazing because all of us were going to have half a day to enjoy with one another. I woke up early to meet a friend for coffee so Don and Mari could sleep in. The plan was for me to pick them up on my way back and we were all going to go watch How to Train Your Dragon at Studio Movie Grill for lunch. I made it home and picked them. I was caught off guard by a dozen beautiful fire and ice roses happily perched on the dining room table with a note attached. You see, April 2, 2003 is when Don and I went on our first date. These were flowers from Mari and Guapo. I, being a mess of emotions, was so overcome, I giddily boo-hooed to the car. I swear, Mari is going to grow up thinking her mom is just a crying machine.

Anyway, we sped off to SMG and that's when the caffeine kicked in. I knew I probably should have made time to go at home, but I didn't want to be late. Instead, I held it and I nearly left my credit card at the counter with the gal. The entire walk up, I was doing a revved up ants-in-my-pants dance. I'm certain that gal thought I was on crack by my jerks and twitches, not to mention my 1000 mile an hour conversation. (BTW, Mandi, that was some awesome caffeine!) We ran into the theater and I bolted off to the bathroom. I vaguely remember muttering something about water to Don and just to order. I made it! While sitting there, I had to text Primo that we'd made it on time. (They were in the theater next door watching Clash of the Titans.) I also sent my folks a text letting them know where we were and when they could expect us, since they were driving in to watch Mari while we went East to shoot a wedding. I clicked send and put the phone on my knee. I reached over for the toilet paper and the super charged caffeine in my body made me vigorously shake my knee, which bounced the phone off, sent it flying and instead of locking my knees shut, I leaned forward, as if to dive for it and I missed the phone and it tumbled head first into the porcelain, settling comfortably in my own urine. I rolled my eyes, muttered a grumbled "gross," while reaching for it. (don't judge me, you would've done the same thing!) I wrapped it like a mummy with the toilet paper and went to wash my hands. I also put on some anti-bacterial and did the same for my phone. Then, everything was placed under the ridiculously powered dryer. I reminded myself, don't turn off the phone, don't turn off the phone, as I took out the battery and dried it off. Yes, folks, that turned off the phone. IDIOT! Sure enough, the screen had been compromised. I could make calls, I just didn't know who I was calling and forget about texts! All gone, everything.

I headed back into the theater and sat there bouncing and jiggling until I couldn't take it any more. I kissed Don and Mari goodbye and headed over to the Sprint store. I needed a new phone ASAP, because no way were we going to be 100+ miles away without me having a phone. After some negotiating, an added line, with a new phone, I walked out and had a working phone, visibly upset about the whole ordeal. I took a deep breath and walked back to the theater to watch the last 20 minutes. Mari wasn't really taken with the movie. It seemed cute enough, but I think she would have enjoyed Alice more.

When we were home, I buried my old phone in rice and tucked the business card with the new number on it to mark it like a gravestone. We were gone the remainder of that day and returned at midnight on Saturday. I pulled the phone out from the rice grave and what do you know, it powered on fine and the screen worked! Thanks Sam for the rice tip. I really DOES pull out the moisture. Now, I get to head back to Sprint to return the new phone (which I'd grown quite fond of) and try to cancel the line we added. Next time, I'm going to leave the phone in my purse when I'm that jacked on coffee.

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Goosegirl said...

Oh Bianca!! How awful! And I only laughed just a tiny bit. I am glad the rice worked for you. A year ago, India tripped and fell in a pond, yes really, and her phone and ipod were in her purse. Both of them were ruined (the phone and ipod, not India) and the rice trick did not work for her. Sigh....
But thanks for the giggle!! I am glad you were ok.

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