Write, Bianca. That's right, Bianca.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mari is a mover, a do-er, a conqueror of things. I too was very curious. When I was in school, I remember when the concept of different types of learners was introduced. For me, I was a visual learner, but I also had to do. Even better if I could be moving while doing so. I like to move while I think. I remember having to sit still. It was excruciatingly painful. I would feel smothered. I would just focus on my breathing, fixate my stare on a single circular point and let my mind take me to a dreamland.

The other day, I was frustrated with Mari. She was being her typical self. I was being my typical rushed self. She needed me to pause and slow to her level. I snapped because I was trying to bend her will to mine. And then I put myself in a time-out. I had a good cry over that one. Later, I recounted my actions to Don. I confessed to him to partially gain a type of familiarity (yes, you aren't alone in this adventure) and to see what I could have done differently. I let him know that I didn't want to kill her wild spirit. I certainly didn't want her to fear me or be afraid to fail. Growing up, I had a fear of failure. I had misunderstood my parents. I didn't need to be afraid of them if I failed. I needed to look to them for support if I failed. The many times I did fail, they were there to support me and get me back on the right track. Each failure taught me character and grace. While I may not have had the opportunity to pursue theater or acting early on like I had wanted to, I was handed a pencil and paper. The most powerful tool to make real those far off places I'd go to when I had to sit still.

Write, Bianca. That's right, Bianca.

I found the following video from Clementine Studios blog. It is on TED, and certainly worth the listen.

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