Where to begin....well, I started in Lubbock, and then we later moved to Amarillo. Here I am at 7 years old hanging out in our hallway with Brother. I insisted on sleeping in an old pair of my father's long johns, I loved that Hamlet Tigers shirt, and I started wearing glasses around my 6th birthday. Those days, you wouldn't find me without baby brother on my hip. At the time I was into anything purple, sparkly bright things, watching my mother put on lipstick, frilly flowy dresses, and writing my own stories.
TAMUK Volleyball
and then we moved to Lewisville, and back to Lubbock where I would meet some of the most wonderful (and mean) people who became forever friends. Those aforementioned mean people laughed and poked fun at everything from the color of my skin to the clothes I wore. While I didn't like one bit, I slowly found my voice, gained a tolerance for it because there were like-minded individuals like me, and rejoiced in being different than the norm. I adored the theater, but also the smell of fresh varnish in the gym. Volleyball paid for most of college. My folks supplemented the rest. My year and a half at Kingsville taught me the hardest lessons in life, but I celebrate that tough time. I gained strength in spite of all that was given to me and I learned an even more valuable lesson: compassion.

After graduating from Texas Tech with a degree in English (emphasis in Technical Communication), I moved to Dallas (and all over the metroplex) to live grand adventures. It had a major international airport that would take me to: The Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico, Rome, Naples, Amsterdam, London, Paris, the Isle of Capri, New York, California, Florida, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, DC, and many other blessed journeys. I also fell in love and was further blessed with a rambunctious and gorgeous sugarbean.
Texas Tech Graduation
I still write, but not nearly as much as I would like. I've taken up photography. 

You can say that almost everything I enjoyed as a child (and occasionally complained about) I've returned to. From sewing to crochet, cooking, and writing, but especially day dreaming. Never, ever stop dreaming big and listen to your inner child. 

And someday, I'm going to use this photo for the book jacket of a published novel. That's the next big journey! Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Thank you for being a friend, both old friends and new friends!

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