Hats off to the birthday month!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yes, it's that magical time of year again! Summer is knocking on the door, bright colors are found everywhere, there's a faint smell of suntan lotion mixed with various fruity beverages. The a/c is cranked up, and all around me are frantic women trying to shed those last bits of winter weight for bathing suit season. And me....well, it's my birthday month.

Yes, most people celebrate their birthDAY, but I say why stop at that? Why only have the one day? I don't require everyone to recognize it. I just choose to celebrate it for myself everyday. Each day I get a new little surprise all for me, and I'm not allowed to feel guilty about it either.

June 1 was a BIG one. I got to go see the SATC movie (loved it) and treated myself to the soundtrack. I'm totally diggin' it and so should you! It's on sale at Target this week. Thanks to, I listened to it all last week in anticipation for what was to come.

Sidenote: I totally loved all of the clothes. I'm really kicking myself for not going the fashion route, but maybe for the 2nd half of my life. =)

Yes, I also treated myself to the Xyron 510 sticker maker. I haven't made any stickers, yet. I bought the magnet refill cartridge, so I've been off making wallet sized magnets of pictures of Mari to give to the family. Who doesn't love magnets, right? I should make some stickers soon, too! I already love this little gadget. I can't wait until we straighten out my craft/office area. I know this will have it's very own cubby. So exciting!! It is very easy to use, you just feed the object, turn the crank and voila! Instant sticker, magnet, laminated thingy, whatever...I love tools that are multi-functional.

Mari and Don got in on the action, too. They gave me this cactus garden in a mug. It is very zen! Earlier in the spring when we were at Lowe's picking out elements for our garden, I told Don that I wanted to make one of those little guys this summer. I didn't know which ones to use, but that I thought they were really pretty. At the time, I didn't get the supplies for it because frankly, it thought each item was overpriced, hence the reason I said I'd make it on my own. Well, he went out and got one for me. Then, Mari, with Daddy's help, made me a card to go with it. Happy Birthday month to be enjoyed at the office. Too sweet.
Also, we ventured over to Ali Baba cafe off of 75 after church. Wowza! They had a buffet and it was sweetness. Normally, I don't venture much off of the grilled veggies or chicken curry, so this was a perfect excuse to eat many different things. The most interesting was a hollowed out cucumber or zucchini filled with rice and meat, then steamed and served with a light tomato broth. It was actually really good and seemed healthy. I ate myself into a food coma!
So now it is time to decide what I really want to do for my actual birthday. I hadn't really planned anything since last year's bash was pretty darn amazing. Then again, it was a monumental birthday, so I needed to blow it out. Anyway, this year marks 31, so what to do? I'm seriously considering an ice cream social (31 flavors, get it?) and a movie marathon, but who knows. It's on a Monday and the weekend before is Father's day, so there's not really a convenient time to do anything. We'll see...
Have a fabulous day!


The Potts Family said...

what a fun month. My bday is in July and I think I should celebrate the whole month too. Yea - good idea!

The Steinman Squad said...

Happy Birthday month to you! What a fun idea. We swear that both of our daughters and I need to celebrate half birthdays because our birthdays are so close to Christmas.

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