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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where in the world have it been? Actually, I've been nursing a bit of a cold. I was starting to sound like Selma from The Simpsons. While a scratchy voice can be sexy on someone like Demi Moore, I just sound like an 80 year old smoker. Anyway, my airways have finally opened up, my head no longer feels like it is floating, and now I'm having my coughing fits.

Mari had her shots and was a trooper. Instead of sleeping it off this time, she was actually alert for most of the night. She's a pleasant baby, but I knew her little legs were sore. When we were holding her, if we brushed up against the sore spot, she'd get irritable. But she happily took her tylenol and I guess it took the edge off. I also massaged her legs and had her kick around to get them moving.

Oh man, and hasn't it been HOT??? Wow. We had a co-ed baby shower at Arbor Hills on Sunday and while we were in the pavilion, it was still really hot. Don and I went walking around the nature preserve to set up the scavenger hunt. We had Mari in the carrier and she just fussed and fussed. Poor baby was burning up. We took off her little pants and socks. Thank goodness she was wearing a onesie tank. We had her bonnet on her, but still. She was just sweating away. We were only out in the direct sun for about 7 minutes, but that was enough for her. When we made it back up, we gave her some water and ran a paper towel under the cold water, then placed it on her head. She was a lot happier after we did that. She looked so cute! Here you can see the tank onesie I made for her. I loved that little patch. My MIL and I got very crafty this past weekend. It was awesome! I need to get pictures of all the stuff we made. Prior to coming, she made my BFF a jungle themed quilt. And for their shower, she made her a nursing wrap out of this cute monkey themed fabric. We had some leftover fabric, so she sewed them onto burp rags. I also found this sweet skull with roses black fabric. Think an Ed Hardy design. Anyway, she made a wipes case holder and with the leftover fabric, we made some matching burp rags for him. He LOVED them! It was awesome. Also, I found this DIY lampshade kit. So, Mari now has a lamp in her bedroom.
And last night she spent the ENTIRE night in her crib. This was a first for her. She'd not done that before. Our pediatrician highly recommended we do that now instead of waiting until later. Yeah, she'd been starting out the night in the crib, but then we'd bring her to the bedroom. Last night, we took the plunge and did it. The first time around, she was restless and I don't think she was quite ready to go to bed. She kept rolling around in her crib, and pushing off the sides of it. Thank God I got those bumper pads! Also, Mari likes a lot of touch when she is falling asleep. We placed her buddy in the crib with her to hold onto. It is a frog head with one of those soft blanket bodies. Anyway, she was gripping that, then threw it and I started smiling and cooing. Yeah, she wasn't ready to sleep. About an hour later, she fell asleep in Don's arms, so he put her in the crib, placing her buddy next to her, along with the Wubbanub. We left her lamp on thinking she may like that better. She woke in the night for a feeding, but then I put her right back in the crib and she was out! So exciting!
That's all for now. Have a fabulous day!

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