Friday, June 27, 2008

Today was one of those whirlwind days full of many activities! First off, I was out of control busy at work with all sorts of meetings and thinking. About mid-day my head was killing me and I didn't know what to do. I just took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. I left work early because I seriously thought I was going to crack! Plus, I needed to hold my baby and I wanted to see the concrete being poured in our backyard. When I got home, this is how happy she was to see me. I'm so blessed to have such a happy baby! She's so stinkin' cute and I LOVE IT! Thanks to Danika for the lovely headband. That is one of the few ones that she'll actually wear in her entire set of hair products.

We opted to move ahead of schedule (but behind in the original-original schedule) and get concrete poured in the backyard. We always wanted to extend the patio out, but still wanted it poured deep enough in the event we wanted to opt to build out and add that extra room. Don did the research and one of my co-workers gave me the concrete guys she used and they gave us a fair deal. We are very pleased with the work they've done so far. Before the concrete began to set completely, we imprinted the family. Mari's foot was the trunk of a tree. Mine and Don's hands were the "branches" and Guapo's paw is the sun. I'll have to get a picture of it when it is dry. I thought it came out pretty cute, so we'll see.

Next, I was a little tired from last night. I stayed up late painting a pot for my co-worker. She works in our HR department and has always been so kind and patient with me and all of my questions. When Mari was born, she FedExed all of the necessary paperwork to me 2 days before it would've been too late to put her on my insurance. I had no idea that it had gotten that close to the edge. I was so happy that she was taking care of me. That's just how she is and I'm eternally grateful to her. Anyway, her mother passed away last week and it was so sad. I painted this pot so we could transplant one of the saplings growing in the front yard to it. A new tree for a new beginning. She was so happy to get it and it made me happy to know she not only liked it, but it made her happy.

When I got home from work, my beloved had a surprise waiting for me. He'd handmade this little flower giving me clues to my surprise birthday present. See, this is another reason why I love him, he appreciates the birthday month too!! Anyway, I took my clue inside. I, of course, was running around settling in. Changing clothes and prepping for what was to come later. Anyway, I hurried along and I didn't notice where it was hidden immediately. But restling gently in Mari's swing was my gift. So there you go, I lifted the bright yellow packaging and immediately knew what he'd gotten me. I gently opened his hand wrapping (literally, he used cardstock and decorated the outside by drawing a lovely outdoor image) and there it was....Photoshop CS3!!!! I'd been wanting it for at least a year and there it was. Hooray!!! I can now buy actions online to be used specifically for CS3 and I can use all of the tricks that I've learned in several other tutorials, but always had to modify for my Version 7. Anyway, it was a nice surprise.

I forgot to mention the pettiskirts that I'd ordered a while back. I got one for my niece and 2 for Mari. I'm well aware that I don't know if she is a girly girl or not, but most little girls like to play dress-up, so when I got them I figured why not. Well, my niece's came in and I went by to pick it up. It is so much fun!!! It is waaay too big for Mari now, but that didn't stop me from putting it on her and letting it overtake her. She seemed to have fun in it and I loved her in it. I can't wait until hers come in!

And for the final news...we are proud of our very own brand new Chevy Equinox! It had 13 miles on it when we signed the paperwork and so I opted to name it Lucky. GG Skip's cat is named Lucky too! Anyway, here is the first pic of our car. It is very dark and I apologize, but after having been at the car dealership for several hours, we no longer had daylight. I will take more pictures soon. Especially after we have it detailed and prettied up to show off. So long little Ranger, you were a good truck to us!
High five for the start to a great weekend. Now let's hope I survive tomorrow's 8 miler! Whoooo...I'll get to test out the exercises I've been reading about in that book and we'll see if there's any improvement.

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The Steinman Squad said...

Bianca - she is absolutely beautiful. Every time I see a picture of Mari, I am reminded how beautiful she is. Her eyes are captivating. Congratulations on the new car.

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