Grocery Day

Monday, June 2, 2008

Today, after work, we went grocery shopping at Kroger. This isn't unusual for us. We like going any time between Mon - Wed. Wednesdays are REALLY great to go because you get to take advantage of both the advertisements. Unfortunately, we haven't been that lucky in a long time to get the two, but that's ok. It's not like we trek off from the outer edges of the store anyway.

Everytime we go, Don and I are allowed 1 luxury item. This is an item isn't on the list and may or may not be on sale. Either way, we are allowed to get it and enjoy. This time I opted for the Laughing Cow Light Cheese bites. When I was a kid, I used to sneak to the fridge and happily nibble away at a piece of sliced American cheese. Occasionally, you will still find me doing that, but now that I'm older, I like a different variety of cheeses. Normally, I go for a Brie or a Smoked Gouda, but this time I was in the mood for the cheese bites. I think the thing I love most is the packaging. The flavor is 'eh...but I love how each individually wrapped of yummy goodness is in this perfect foil cube, nestled comfortably in a simple cardboard tray. That night while packing the groceries away, I nibbled joyfully on the cube. ahh...bliss!

Also, since it's my birthday month, I felt I deserved a little something extra. They had these mini Ben & Jerry's ice cream treats on sale: 4 for $5. What the heck, right? I got one for me, one for Don, one for Carol (MIL), and one for Mari. Who am I kidding, the spare is definitely going to be for Don! LOL. I'm not a huge fan of ice cream. PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC GASP..........I know, I know, blasphemy. But hey, for someone who is lactose intolerant, that's a big deal. TMI, I know, but it comes and goes. I can eat some ice creams and not feel the effects and other times, I'm a thousand kinds of miserable. Fortunately for me, Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey has never had an adverse affect and I'm hoping that Strawberry Cheesecake doesn't either. I can't wait. I'm going to eat that up tomrrow after I get home from the train station because it is supposed to be hella hot! I'm definitely going to earn those calories! woohoo!

Oh the the best thing! We finally remembered to take our Kroger shopping bags that we bought a while back. Yes, we took 9 bags in, and we were given a 5 cent credit per bag! Sweet! I had no idea that we'd even get a credit. I was on a mini high. Then, Don told me that we only had to use the bags 20 times to break even from what we paid for them. funny, guy. After that first use, though, I thought they were worth it because it only took us one trip to unload the groceries and because we could sling the sacks over our shoulders, it was a breeze! I'm loving these things!
And just for grins, here's a picture of Mari. She does a pretty good job of sitting up when leaning against things. She's not like most babies who will topple from one side to the next, even if they are leaning on something. I think it is pretty good. What is really funny about this picture is that she's looking right. That's her thing, I suppose. But I do make sure to spend some time working with her to look left to balance out her little muscles.

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