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Monday, June 23, 2008

Definitely not by eating cookies, brownies, and drinking Coke!

So my running ideally will help me shed some poundage, right? Seriously, schlepping around my not so toned bod in this 90+ degree weather would trigger the metabolism into overdrive, but alas, I have a vice. I have absolutely no will power!

Today, I ate my usual big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and chamomile tea. That's good. I also consumed a bottle of water before lunch and another bottle at lunch. Very good. I had half a sandwich, mushroom soup, a small salad (no dressing) with a 1/4 serving of salmon. Not too bad, right? I ate another 1/4 serving of salmon for afternoon snack.

By 4, however, my belly was screaming, aching for SOMETHING, anything. Why am I starving? So I downed another bottle water, a G2 gatorade and started working on the next bottle when I had to pee. I had to walk by the kitchen on my way to the bathroom and it happened. I had two bite sized brownies. I figured that would satiate me, but no. I already had the head bob working, and I knew I desperately needed some caffeine. I picked up a Coke classic and told myself that I would only drink half. (which I did) And when I got back to my desk, my stomach pained again. ::groan:: I broke into my drawer and peeled back the layers, upon layers of scotch tape on my sleeve of thin mints. I'm only gonna eat 2, ok maybe 3, no 4! yes, I'll only have 4. I took out the four chocolately minty delights and proceeded to carefully re-wrap the sleeve with scotch tape. I make it difficult on myself so I have think about what I'm doing before I eat it. Usually, I only have to look at the tape and I'll quickly close my drawer, but not today. For some reason today I needed chocolate. And boy oh boy did that chocolate go SOOOO well with that Coke. the sugary goodness.

Good thing I'm doing that 3.5 miles tonight. Of course, I'd probably have to double that to kill the calories I consumed.

Oh well. It was amazing! I seriously need to drop 15 lbs to make it easier on my joints for all of this running. But the big payoff, I'll be able to see New York in the fall and that makes me so very, very happy!

Tonight, I'm gonna have a ginormous helping of broccoli for dinner and maybe a small serving of tenderloin. Mmmm...Don is such a great cook. Wonder what we'll have for dessert...kidding, just kidding!


Dawn Endres said...

Good Luck! I'm trying to lose too!

The Potts Family said...

when you run 3.5 miles at night, I say you can eat whatever your heart desires. :)

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