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Monday, June 30, 2008

That ebook works! I went on my long run on Saturday. I was really nervous because, again, I'd be in a public place. I wore my "protection" just in case, but if I had issues like last time it wouldn't matter. I'd been doing my exercises add day. They say alot 5 minutes a day to do them. I've been doing them every other hour I've been away. I've done them while getting ready in the morning, driving to work, in meetings, during lunch, cooking, nursing the baby, cleaning, doing laundry, talking on the phone, watching movies, you get the idea.

It's actually several exercises in one book. Starting from the basic exercise, going up to the more advanced moves. I've not quite perfected the advances moves, but I'm fairly confident in the basic gestures.

So I set off on my run. I started slowly with a walk, making sure that I utilized my muscles properly. So far, no problem. I did a light jog, maintaining a normal level of conversation too, and I started to feel uneasy, but then did the exercise and it worked! Nothing happened. I tried to remain focused like that for the first two miles. Then, I kicked it up a notch and started to do my normal jog and left Don. I was running behind these two other women who were really putting it in high gear. I only hoped to keep them in my sights, especially considering we were going up this monster hill! Anyway, I launched myself in full jog mode, complete with competitive spirit surge. I conquered that hill with confidence! And best of all NO PROBLEM!!! Yes, those women smoked me, but I eventually caught up with them when they stopped and I was jogging my downhill.

Now, I can't say that I didn't walk away with a minor accident, b/c that wasn't the case. On the descent from that big hill, I became a little too relaxed and forgot about my exercises. But still, that was so MINOR compared to the recent unfortunate events. I'm so happy about it and I just had to share it. It definitely takes work, but it is so worth it. I'm glad I made that purchase and I'm glad I followed through. I'll let you know if it continues to work. And not to be gross, but I was happy to discover that those fast-paced women also slightly smelled of urine, so I'm not alone. How crazy is that? And another friend of mine went into great detail of how "gross" runners can be, especially the hard core athletes who are pushing for their time. All I can say is that there are some extremely dedicated people out there and if I were in the same position, I probably wouldn't make the same choices.

Sidenote:My sister has some friends that have run in the NYC marathon and here was their tip - Be sure to run on the top bridge ALWAYS because runners pee from the top and it'll dribble down on top of you if you are on the lower bridge. So it is worth it to run in the sun instead of being peed on in the shade. --->How random is that? Something I never would have considered.

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