Water Baby...19

Sunday, June 22, 2008

She's 19 weeks along and I can't believe how much she's changed in the short amount of time. First off, she tans like me!! (knock on wood, I hope it stays that way!)

She rolls over like an old pro on both sides. First she started rolling from the back to the front, which one of my co-workers told me that way was more difficult since they normally push off, but I don't know about that. What do you think? Also, the raspberries are gone and they've been replaced with this shriek-whistle. Don lovingly calls it the monkey bird! LOL, but it is a pretty accurate description. She so smiley and OMG, I swear, she has the most hilarious personality. When she's happy, she's ridiculously happy, but if she's not, then she'll grunt and scrunch her face up tightly. And when she's sleepy and I try rocking her to sleep, she'll be somewhere between asleep and awake, with her eyes closed she'll kinda grunt-purr like she's talking, not missing a beat while sucking on her paci. It's so adorable.

Anyway, here she is in her cute summerwear. I love that tank! It was on sale at Gap, so I got 2, one in brown and the other turquoise. I've been putting her sunglasses on her head like that so she can get used to having them around her. They are still a little too big for her to wear over her eyes. And the shoes!! OMG...I love those little sandals! When I saw them I had to have them. She will actually wear them for a little while, but invariably, she'll kick one off.

As far as birthday indulgences:

  • We had Moo-yah for dinner. MMmmm...I ADORE their burgers. They give me the happies.

  • I purchased some new trouser pants online. I can't wait for them to come in. I hope they fit well and I can keep them. It is such a crapshoot, you know.

  • I got a new heart rate monitor watch. It not only tracks my heart rate, but it will log up to 50 laps. I only need 26 of them for the marathon, so that will help with counting. It also has 2 settings for time, interval training, alarm function, and heart rate goal. lovesit!

  • So to also offer further inspiration I purchased some Nike dry fit running shorts. And you know what, they are not only comfortable, they are AMAZING for running. I'm REALLY wanting a 2nd pair now.
  • Jason Mraz's new CD which is awesome. If you are fan of his music, you must get it right now!

And tomorrow not only marks my official training for the race, but also researching for the trip in November. Mari will be spending her first Halloween in NYC, so I'll be sure to get plenty of pics of her trick or treating around the hotel, ha ha!

Anyway, I hope you have a great day!

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Jenna said...

She is amazingly cute! I hope mine's half so adorable...someday... ;)

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