Look Around: 5

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching up with my blog reading, I came across Shannon's blog about looking around and being grateful for 5 things. Here are my five:

  1. Family - This one is an obvious choice, but let me elaborate a little on it. My husband Don for being all that he is and more. Especially for patting my back to help break up all of the nastiness that is building up my chest and for rubbing my feet even though he's had a rough day too. Mari for being a true miracle for Don and I. Her tiny megawatt smile always fills my heart with tender happiness. My sister for always being the example and shouldering that tough burden of being the oldest. My brother for being the occasional comic relief in my life and for letting me realize that sometimes I'm cool. My mother for her constant strength and genuine warm heart to the world. My father for being a beacon of guidance and wisdom.
  2. Technology, especially the Internet(s) - No lie! If I'm feeling melancholy for my little one, I just call up whomever she's with and now, they can log in and I can see her with the web cam. It's not the same as physical touch, but I will take what I can get. I could never imagine being separated from my child for great lengths of time. Thank God for broadband! It further enables me to multitask! Oh, and I love my digital picture frame too. How awesome is it that I can fill the card with tons of photos and relive the moments in each photo, without having a ton of pictures scattered everywhere?
  3. My health - as I glance down at my hands, I notice that they are still strong and nimble. Readily able to do a myriad of things, especially simple things like getting dressed in the morning. My legs are strong and I can walk, no, I can run and dance and jump with ease. Well, maybe a little bit of soreness the next day, but still. May I never take those simple things for granted.
  4. Scars - They remind of me of painful times that I have gone through, and yet, I have persevered! I am mentally able to pick up broken pieces, and like a phoenix, start fresh and new. We all have struggles and adversity, but the true measure of a person's character is revealed when you see them succeed despite it all. I have many fabulous examples to follow in this regard.
  5. My ivy plant, "Verde" - This plant was given to me at my old college job on my last day. I'd worked my way at that business from a receptionist, to an executive admin, then finally, being responsible for an entire region's accounts receivable. Each position taught me valuable qualities that I would be able to leverage throughout the rest of my career. I took this plant with me to my first post-university job, where it thrived and flourished until I was laid off. And wouldn't you know, it imitated what I was feeling. This big luxurious plant withered to one lonely strand. When I got my next job, again, it started to grow, but didn't make it to the great lengths like it was before. When I began to struggle at that job, this plant also struggled. I'd made the decision to leave, and it seemed like this plant got a second wind. Now, at my next venture, it is thriving once more. Happy and healthy, a symbol fow how I'm currently feeling. Ever so grateful for my job and my experiences, and this little plant.

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