Waiting and waiting and waiting

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Right now we are at Medical City of Plano waiting on one of my BFF's to deliver her first baby: Hayden. We fill the sparse waiting room, adding life to the teal green carpet and maroon chairs. There's a small TV in the corner adding to the white noise in the distance. Her parents are here, his parents are here. Her two sisters are here. One of the other tri-fecta of my BFF's is here holding my own little one as she rests quietly on her chest. My beloved is here too. I love the fact that, without complaint, he got up, got dressed and helped me load up the car so we could come play the waiting game.

It's 1:04 and proud grandpa came through and IT'S A BOY!!!

yaaay. now off to go and welcome him.

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