Thursday, May 29, 2008

I did a photo shoot at the house with her baptism dress. Initially, I'd planned on going to a portrait studio, but considered otherwise. I knew I would do just as good of a job and be more comfortable in our home setting. Some of them came out really, really well. This one is one of my favorites because it has one of Mari's best looks. She's such a quizzical little thing, raising those eyebrows absorbing all that is new (which is everything) around her. It's so beautiful and she's so great.

  1. She got her very first standing activity gym. (Sidenote: We picked this one because it wasn't a giant piece of plastic. There were also not as many noisemaking, battery-guzzling gadgets. Plus, it is already equipped with loops for us to add HER favorite toys, not just toys they put on those things.)When we put her in it, she stood there and started playing with the spinning toys. We used all of these extra links to put up some of her more favorite toys that jiggle and shake.

She's really reaching out and grabbing things on purpose. She's starting to notice things outside of a 5 foot radius, and lunges out if she likes something. It's pretty cool!

She sleeps best amidst noisy chaos. We went out to eat at Bavarian Grill and despite the hub bub of a packed restaurant, complete with accordian polka-type music (live, by the way) she slept soundly. She woke midway through and calmly hung around like it was second nature. Funny girl!

Oh and I'll upload her laughing. We were in the store and we showed her this red monkey wearing a green hula skirt. When you pulled onto the ring, it would shake. Well, when she saw it, she smiled, when it started vibrating, she laughed and laughed! It was the cutest, most infectious laugh. I was cracking up!

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