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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Before I knew how much she would fall in love with Monsters v. Aliens, we had planned the theme: Star Trek based on the 2009 movie. We are gathering as a family on her actual birthday, which coincidentally is Super Bowl Sunday. With the few of us, we will have a Super Bowl/Monsters v. Aliens party. I just might make some cupcakes for that one.

Anyway, for the big party, the evite has been sent and planned activities are in full prep mode. First up, the Tribble hunt. I scored this super furry material at Golden D'Or. It sheds EVERYWHERE. After putting these little guys together, it looked like Edward Scissorhands went to town on Chewbacca. I only needed half a yard, of this stuff, so if any of you who read this want the other half yard to make something soft, warm, and furry, let me know. I'll be happy to find a new home for it. Otherwise, I may have to use it to make an outfit for this race that I'm going to do in May.
Next up, here's a picture of the injury I sustained while doin' the next project. Mix sharp objects and me, well, not a good idea. Just a tiny slice , but man it was gushing out bright red for a few minutes. C'mon, everyone is a fan of Nemo!
Ok, so this is the design. Yes, rudimentary, but we want a pull string pinata for Mari. I've never made one myself, but I have done similar projects, especially every Easter when we make cascarones. Anyway, that's the design based on the Starfleet logo.
Some newspaper, wooden coffee stirrers, and balsawood rods.
Using the rotary cutter and shortly thereafter, is when I nic'd my pointer.
Don in action, putting the frame together. He was so careful with the measurements and carefully tearing tiny strips of duct tape to keep the joints secure.
First layer of newspaper strips and glue. whooo...messy
Can you see it?
A few more layers to add and then crepe paper to decorate. Woo-hoo! Next weekend, I need to make several Starfleet logos because we will play pin the logo on Spock. Also, I will have a coloring page for kiddos to color, marker, or paint.

Fun stuff!

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