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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Howdy do friends! It's that time again for a movie review. What's cool is that one of these movies is actually in the theaters RIGHT NOW! Whee!! Ok, so let's get started!

OMG...this movie was epic. It is on the same level as Gladiator and for those of you who know me know that when I say that, it's a pretty darn big deal. There's loads of action, the right amount of gore, beautiful people, a pinch of crazy, and a whole lot of awe inspiring conviction. I love a good story about a man on a mission, especially if he's an underdog. Holy cow! Drop that ice cream or cupcake, walk, no SPRINT to the closest theater showing this and prepare to be mesmerized by the yummy-goodness that is Denzel Washington. Ok, yeah, this post has another post about Denzel, but more on that later.

Ok, the story surrounding me going to this movie. My sister and I had a date night. I'd been wanting to have a date night with her for ages. We tried to get together for a but scheduling conflicts didn't really let us. We were lucky to make couple of solo trips to the grocery store, but that's about it. Anyway, Don agreed to watch Mari and I giddily skipped out to my sister's car and off we flew to the show. I hit up Nails Nails to clean up the Lady Wolverine look I had going. The fit me right in and we still had an hour and a half before the movie. We had to kill one hour before they would even sit us, so we went to a little bistro by the theater. Yeah, why are we going to an eatery if we're hitting up Studio Movie Grill. I don't know, it seemed like a good idea. We split a plate of grilled veggies while watcihng Home Alone. We cracked up laughing, remembering when Mikey and Brother used to watch that movie all of the time when they were younger. Anyway, we only managed to blow thirty minutes. So there we stood near the line where they'd let everyone in. By the time they opened up the line, we headed straight on up and cozied up for the show. I over indulged on some sweet potato fries and a Extra Long Island Iced Tea.

Then the movie started. I couldn't remember what it was about, really. Just that I was excited about watching it from a preview. Well, away we went. In the first few minutes, my sister was shrieking and hollering whispered profanities nearby and I thought, whoa, this is gonna be a long movie. But when it was all said and done, all she could say was Wow and that was my sentiment exactly. Hopefully Don and I can have a date and I'm pretty certain I'll ask him if we can watch this. Yes, I'd rather watch this one again instead of anything else out there. RATING: Two red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles with a single serving of Martinelli's apple juice.

I told you we were gonna have some more Denzel happiness.Ok, so this movie is a remake. I hadn't seen the original, nor the made for TV movie. However, that alone had me skeptical. Then, John Travolta's hair had me skeptical. I thought it was brave that he was willing to go to such extremes. Last time I saw something like that on him he was in Face/Off with Nic Cage. Anyway, we put this show on and I was distracted by one thing or another and next thing I knew I was sucked into the show. I was actually captivated by the cat and mouse performances and you know, James Gandolfini did a great job shedding his Tony Soprano persona. I really enjoyed this film. Then again, any movie involving New York always has a special place in my heart. John Travolta (Ryder) is the antagonist, a stereotypical thug with a bit of genius. He's seems to be impressed with the everyday person who can be a hero. Denzel, our protagonist, works at the MTA and is knee deep in a a bribery investigation. Ryder hijacks Pelham 123 and sets this whole chain of events in motion. I rate this a homemade yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting, extra frosting.


Having high hopes because this is another Apatow film, I want to let you know that I was not disappointed. While this movie was hilariously funny, it was also genuinely real and painful. It really hurt watching parts of this movie. I found myself connecting with these characters. They are so real and once again, like how he did in Spanglish, Adam Sandler showed another depth to his skills. He's come quite a long way since the days at MTV. Speaking of which, there are some old clips from those days in this film and But yes, this has clever writing. The premise of the film centers around a famous comedian who learns that he's dying. After going back to roots of stand-up, he befriends a young up and comer, who some would deem as a nobody and allows himself to to cut through his typical shallow surface. It made us think about those close to us who have had near-death experiences and how it may or may not have changed them. I fell in love with Seth Rogen all over again. Plus, Jason Schwartzman always cracks me up! This is a bag of freshly popped kettle corn dipped in chocolate frosting.

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Goosegirl said...

I am totally dying to see Book of Eli!! You see, Denzel Washington is my REAL husband. Yeah. I love him. I have tried convincing India that he is her real father, but since she is a natural blue eyed blond, she is not falling for it. Sigh...
She saw the movie last weekend and loved it. I think I am going to treat my Don to this movie with the movie gift certificates I got for speaking at MOPS. I can't wait!
I am glad you got a night out with your sis. I always love your movie reviews Bianca!

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