Light Painting and Last Monthly Birthday

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I like to read blogs. Alot! One of such blogs is Moosh in Indy. Casey is all over the board and I love it. She's truly a genuine soul with a lot of valuable insight into photography, design, turkeys, and general niftiness. Well, recently, she posted a tutorial about painting with light. It was so easy and very doable despite this week's hectic (more hectic than normal if you can believe) schedule.

I carefully followed the instructions and come to find out, not only did I know not what she meant by some of the settings, we had a heck of a time trying to find 1 of the 5 little flashlights we received for Christmas. (great little happies for those of you planning on next year's gifts for your loved ones.) Anyway, I learned more about my camera and a fun new trick. Best of all, we did this together as a family. Mari would erupt into a gigglefest every time I turned off the light and she would hear the beep-beep-beep for the self timer.

Specs (as best as I can tell):
Camera: Canon XTi DSLR
Lens: 18-55mm
ISO: 200
Exp: 8"

This first picture, I made a heart, Don did a circle and you can see a tiny light at the bottom. That's Mari.
Simon did this with one of those fancy keys that has a light built into it. It's a cup of coffee.
This is Don using a fun technique of turning the light on and off. Mari hadn't yet discovered how to turn her light on. She was more interested in throwing CD cases and jumping up and down on them.

And lastly, here's my sugar bean as caught by Jackie with Jacqueline Reitz Photography.
JRP_Photos (18)

Dear Marisabelle,

This is the last month where we celebrate your birthday each month. From now on, it will be every year on the day of your birth, and probably multiple times during that month as well, but still. I cry as I type this because I can't believe how quickly it's gone by. You, my precious little one, are so very special. All that was good in me is in you, completely. You are a total firecracker, a ball of happy energy, erupting into smiles as bright as the sun.

  • You are so very vocal, and totally aware of different languages. You try to speak them all. I especially love it when you clearly say things in Spanish, but then babble off into your version of Spanish.
  • Your hair is Shirley Temple curly, but when wet, it goes down to nearly the middle of your back. You don't mind so much when I brush it and you totally let me put it up into pig tails, side pony tails, bows, and clips. You aren't much of a fan of headbands, but you love hats.
  • Speaking of accessories, you adore shoes, fun purses, mittens, and lipstick. You aren't fond of scarves. You do like longer necklaces, especially simple Mardi Gras beads.
  • You love baby dolls and your baby doll stroller. You have discovered Barbie dolls, but your favorite is still the Dorothy Barbie you received at your 1st birthday. You insist that she ride in the light blue convertible Barbie car, another Christmas gift.
  • You love beans from La Poloma, all types of Indian food from Chetinaad, cheese, and you drink salsa like it is juice.
  • You have a very discernable palate, this makes me a very happy momma. Your appetite is very much like your father's, and you are open to any type of cuisine. Part of me thinks that some of this has to do with the diverse diet I ate while you were in utero and while nursing you.
  • You have quite the fashion sense and are very opinionated about what we put on you. You are just as comfortable in your girly dresses, tights, and patent shoes, as you are in your jeans, thermal tops, and Puma's. Best thing is that you adore all of your jackets and coats and you revel in putting them in the closet.
  • You've only said, "I love you" twice. Every time I tell you this, you will usually give me a hug, a kiss, or nod your head. I hope this means you will not easily and freely give your love away when you are older.
  • Somehow, on your own, you've learned to erupt when you are frustrated or angry. You have no problem going to your room "to deal with it" just after slamming your door. You will also intentionally do something you aren't supposed to do, defiantly staring at us, and moving forward. You understand that "time-out" will be involved and more than a handful of times when I tell you "No," you press on, and then haughtily walk to time-out. times like this I'm really frustrated, but I can't help but run to the next room and erupt into laughter because it is funny how stubborn you can be. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • You adore your canine brother, and I swear you will fuss in the night for us to come and get you to sleep with us just so Guapo can have your warm bed. Because yes, as soon as we welcome you to our bed, he sneaks into your room and cozies up. You don't mind.
  • We still watch The Wizard of Oz regularly, but you have grown a fondness for Enchanted. I can't wait for you to watch Mary Poppins. You seem more into movies with people singing instead of cartoons.
  • We have had your first taste of Sesame Street. While I tried to avoid Elmo, it was inevitable that he'd be in an episode. Much to my happiness, you seem to love The Count and Big Bird. You have absolutely no interest in Dora or Diego or Max and Ruby. You do, however, enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba! and Backyardigans.
  • You still love listening to Pink!, but lately you have become a huge fan of Michael Jackson, especially Thriller. I half expected you to freak out when Vincent Price lets out his wicked laugh, but you just hear a laugh and erupt into gleeful laughter on your own. I have tried to show you the official dance moves from watching 13 Going on 30 and while we listen to it in the car, you will shimmy your little shoulders and try to move your hands too. So stinkin' cute!
  • You still call me "mama" and your father is "daddy" No mommy for me and that's ok. I have to call your father daddy as well, otherwise, you will run around and call him "Don" also.
  • When we sit down together for dinner, you happily reach out your hand and allow us to hold yours while we bow our heads in prayer. At the end of it, you will sign thank you and look up and say "Jees." I'm already proud to see how your faith grows.
There are so many, many wonderful other small happy traits, but every single day is a new adventure and we are reminded all of the time just how precious you are. Thank you for all you do and bringing such a light to us.

I love you and I pray that God will always protect you and keep you safe!


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moosh in indy. said...

I think Dorothy is a little spoiled these days to ride around in a Blue Convertible instead of a tornado.

Fantastic job on the light painting! Not only because well, awesome, but also because my instructions actually worked!

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