HDMR: The Princess & the Frog...toddler edition

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We headed on over to an actual theater and treated ourselves to a movie. While the main reason to visit the theater was to watch Avatar, Don and I both agreed that it wasn't age appropriate for Mari. She is easily influenced and affected by what she sees and so instead I took her to see Disney's The Princess and the Frog.

After spending a small fortune at the concession stand, to arm myself with snackies to keep her put, and also because she said she was hungry. Anyway, we settled in and she loved the previews. I was very anxious to see this film. I really enjoyed New Orleans and applauded Disney for FINALLY having a princess of darker color.

The movie was fun and colorful. The most lovable character was Raymond, the lightning bug. However, the movie failed to captivate my little one. Frankly, she lost interest halfway through and when the Shadow Man came on screen, she was flat out afraid. She screamed, "Noooo!!" and, "Not nice!" We sojourned to the snack bar to buy some gummy bears to take her mind off what she'd seen.

I think if you have slightly older kiddos, then this is a great movie! I think if you like fairy tale stories, then you will enjoy it.

I don't know why Mari didn't like it. She goes unfazed by the wicked witch and the evil queen in Enchanted, so I was surprised by her reaction to the Shadow Man. I also thought she would've liked the film, but like with most cartoons, she has no interest. She is, HOWEVER, really into all Pixar films. So I guess it has to be a certain type of animation.

In either case, I would recommend this movie as a rental and not because of the toddler experience. Knowing what I know, I would rather have stayed home and watched something else. live and learn.

If you saw it, what did you think?

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