Happy 9th Birthday Guapo!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guapo turned 9 and we celebrated in style with a special doggie cake.

Sidenote: Pay EXTRA attention when you go to a store and buy something. In my hurry, I signed the receipt, not paying attention to the total price. When I had called to see if the dog boutique sold cakes, I heard yes and the price for the cakes were $9.99. When I got home, I saw that the total was actually $29.99. I was sick. I'm not out of my mind so much to spend $30 on a dog cake, about the size of a double doozy cookie from Great American Cookie Company. Ech! Had I known, I would've turned around and headed to the grocery store and bought the ingredients for this cake that I know he would have loved! I have paid $30 on a cake for him before, when I celebrated his 5th birthday, but that one was 3 tiers of yummy goodness that he shared with 4 other dogs, and had so much that he was full and turned his back on food. Anyway, yeah, that was a looooooong tangent because I was burned, but never again.

Here it is in all it's $30 glory, frozen-fresh from Brooklyn. So much for buying local, at least it was made in the USA.
Guapo in action singing Happy Birthday. He is soooooooooo excited!
Whoa, that's some serious blue-ness. Sorry. Anyway, see how he is enjoying it?
How can you put a price on that sort of happiness, though? Happy Birthday Guapo! Thank you for bringing us another year of snuggles, loves, and happiness!
And Happy Birthday to Christian Bale too! Que Guapo indeed. ha ha!

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