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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I wear a lot of black. That's probably the most prominent color in my wardrobe. I usually have two loads of just blacks when I do my laundry. They say black is a color for depressed people. Or wearing black can make you look older. I'm not depressed, usually, nor do I think it makes me look older. I'll try to bling it up with a bright scarf or fun accessories, but I just feel really comfortable wearing black. Here, I will highlight some rare moments of me caught in front of the camera.

This year, another one of my goals is to take more photos. I'm a budding photographer and the best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice. Well, I'm going to take it a step further and say that I'll actually take more photos where I'm in front of the camera as well. I spent a great many years fighting the camera, that it is high time I get front and center instead of hiding.

Recently, I was thinking of my mother when I was younger, specifically when I was four. She was 29. I happily look on my baby album, not just of the pictures of me growing up, but also of my mother. She is and always will be the most beautiful woman I know. I'm not sure if Mari will think that way about me, but I want her to have the opportunity to look back on the me from these days and not of who I will be.

Here's a self-portrait caught in Napa. I'd been wandering around on my own and discovered this serene and empty garden. The light was perfect, and I wanted to capture what I would be doing. And this is it, casually sitting on a bench, enjoying that perfect moment. See, simple black sheath summer dress, paired with a bright turquoise beaded necklace.
Here I am at Bethesda fountain in Central Park, NYC. It was REALLY cold out that day, but not like it is cold here. I'm wearing my black pea coat, with a toned down blue/green/gray/brown scarf that my BFF brought back for me from Argentina. The bag I'm carrying is black with blue, red, and white details and a bright red corduroy strap.
This is baking attire. All of my aprons are fun. I only own 1 black apron and I only wear it when I need large, incredibly large pockets. But this bright yellow/green apron is my favorite.
When it is blisteringly cold out, I wear this ski coat that I've had for years. I bought it 75% at Abercrombie when I realized I probably needed a ski jacket the week before a trip. There's my favorite scarf again (from above), hot pink striped gloves, and my super warm winter hat. I think you can tell that I like vibrant accessories!

And finaly, here's this little gem. Remember how I said I'd spend more time in front of the camera? Well, here's proof for those of you who don't know me really well. Because if you did, you'd understand that this is more in line with what I'll wear indoors or when I have too many other things to worry about and I forget about that gal who used to really care about fashion and being fashion forward. Especially on the weekends, I just pick something up and go with it. I go for functionality and comfort. This past weekend, it was starting to get cold and well, heck, I'll just admit that I was feeling spunky and that just means I release my inner Punky Brewster. Do you guys remember her? And yes, I know my age, but whatever. (See Primo, you didn't think I'd post it and I did.) Anyway, like I said, it was cold. But dangit, I wanted to wear a t-shirt. So I layered my striped turtleneck underneath this black shirt and it was so nice and cozy. I couldn't find my knee high striped socks, so I opted for shiny cadet blue tights. The red-orange lounge pants are actually from H&M and very comfy. I really wanted to wear my dark gray yoga pants, but I realized I desperately need to do some laundry. And I finished the look with my black Keen casual shoes. The hair...well, this was the day I was doing the lemon experiment.
So there you have it. Maybe I'll post a pic a week and that way by the end of the year, you should have at least 52 pics. We'll let this last one be the first one.

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