Bright Colors to Alter the Mood

Monday, January 11, 2010

The sugar bean is down with yet another respiratory infection. This constant changing of the seasons isn't helping whatsoever. While a nasty cough is brewing all sorts of nonsense in her chest, she's as happy as can be. Meanwhile, Momma and Daddy are all sorts of out of sorts with anxiety and worry. No one ever likes to hear their child sound like an 80 year old with smoker's cough.

She and I hung out together and to lift her spirits (and mine too) I dressed her in bright colors because she looks so stinkin' cute in bright clothes AND to lift her spirits. These are her oh so adorable purple mary janes. Love them and so does she! Because they ran a tad on the narrow side, I ordered a larger size and was grateful I did. I think it is because of the lining, but I bet they are really comfortable. She likes them because she can put them on her own feet with just a bit of effort. Socks from Old Navy.
And here she is sippin' on some orange juice from Sonic. I treated her to a corn dog for being a sport at the doc. I scored that coat at a ginormous thrift sale. Lucky for me, a friend of mine went to the sale early and snagged up this baby for me. It's been the right jacket since it is warm without being bulky and heavy. Perfect for cold, yet sunny days. Bow from Sam Moon.
And that dress underneath? Well, that's a little ditty that my MIL whipped up from the Claire Portabello Pixie pattern. I'm in love with the two dresses she made and honestly, they are a really great layering piece on cool days. She had on some play pants from Target and a patterned waffle shirt from Old Navy, and to dress it up, I tossed on the dress.
So yes, you can see that quite a bit of my inner Punky Brewster coming out! ;) What do you do to lift the spirits when you're under the weather?

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