Saturday, January 9, 2010

This here is one of my most special gifts of all best friend.
My Michael and I met when we were 11. I'd just moved from the Panhandle to the Metroplex. I didn't have many friends and surprisingly, I was shy and quiet. I know, tough to imagine. Especially if you know me. :) By the time we were 13 we were the very, very best of friends!

Even though I moved away on my 15th birthday, we kept in touch and who knew that after all these years, he'd still be by my side, celebrating life's great moments! (special birthdays, graduations, a wedding, a baby, new homes, bottle after glass bottle filled with colored libations, and everything in between!)
The one thing on my list of things to do is to take a trip with him somewhere. You see, he loves travel. LOVES IT, LOVES IT! Michael has visited many beautiful places and I remember sitting at the edge of his bed, eagerly listening to him vividly recanting the foreign adventures. All around his room were memories from these places and waaaay back then, I made a mental note to want to be a part of that too. He's inspired me in so many ways, but giving the inspiration of travel (and just saying, hey, book it and go!)...well, that's just a gift that always gives back.

In my minds eye, I always picture us together, young, lounging by a pool or sitting in a corner laughing hysterically and just enjoying life. Nothing has changed has it, love? We still spend hours on end laughing and thoroughly enjoying life! I love you! Happy birthday!

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