HDMR: Max Payne & Crazy Heart

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This review has one movie on DVD and the other is currently in the theater. Enjoy!
Prior to watching this movie (and heck, halfway through it) I wasn't sure that it was based on a video game. I told Don sarcastically, "This movie feels like a video game. Is it based on a graphic novel?" That's when he told me it was based on a video game. The film didn't pull me in, though. Despite the eye candy, it just wasn't what I wanted it to be, and you know what, it could've been so much better. :( Sorry Mark, but this was a fail. If it happens to be on TBS on a Sunday afternoon, then go ahead and watch it, but not if it is football season. I rate this an unenthusiastic smile that you give when you are forced to be happy.

The background story for this movie: I normally take my BFF's birthday off from work. It is the day before New Years Eve, and we try to plan to do something while we have the day off. Well, recently she's had to work on her birthday (sadface all around) and this year I had to work too. We postponed our date for later. Well, Friday afternoon, I took a half day and we met up for some girl time. We opted to head to the Angelika theater, catch a flick, then head on over to Ikea. Originally, we were going to watch A Single Man, but when the guy who sold us the tickets told us he heard it was depressing, we changed our minds to watch Crazy Heart. I was intrigued to watch Tom Ford's directorial debut, but this was an afternoon of happiness and celebration, not sadness. You know what, I was WONDERFULLY suprised. The only thing I knew about this movie were some of the actors. That's it. I LOVED this movie. It reminded me similar to The Wrestler, but not nearly as gut wrenching. This movie was actually funny and witty and well played. I adored the music...heck, I fell in love with country music. Seriously, I want this soundtrack right now. But yes, it was good. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. I rate this that stupid smile you get after falling in love for the first time all over again. Ahhh...bliss.

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Goosegirl said...

Bianca, thank you for this great review. Don and I did not know about this movie but definitely plan to see it. We are big country music fans.

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