Crafty: Crochet Needle Holder and Tights Re-purposed

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've seen many crayon rolls and crayon roll tutorials in cyberspace, that I figured, why not use those rolls in a different sort of way. Inspiration struck when my cousin came over one night when we both planned to craft and watch a chick flick. When she pulled out a gallon sized Ziploc bag containing all of her crocheting needles, the idea light turned on! ZING

She picked out this fabric that I found at City Craft. Isn't it is chic?
And since it is so business like and styled on the outside, I elected for a bit of colorful fun on the outside. I used a leftover piece of light blue hyacinth fabric from an old bag I had. There you go, easy-breezy-beautiful. So long Ziploc bag, hello gorgeous! Now I want one for my own. I think it turned out pretty good considering I'd never made one before. I used the tutorial I found over at Skip to My Lou found here.
Mari has gone through a serious growth spurt and she's outgrown all of her darling tights. For me, it was the last of the things that remained from when she was itty bitty and brand new. That pair in the middle is actually the very first pair of tights that I'd put on her so long ago.

I took inspiration from Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff, and decided to re-purpose the tights into socks. First, I cut the socks at the base of the tops.
Instead of an exposed elastic, I decided to hide it under a fold of the sock that way Mari would be less likely to fiddle with them. The great thing about these tights is that they already had plenty of stretchy kick in them to hold up on their own, but I figured the elastic would be an added boost.
I carefully sewed it around, using the stripes as a guideline for my sewing.
See how I stretched it out to keep it flat? It probably would've been easier to sew it the way Disney recommended, but I'd forgotten that part until after the fact. (oooh...don't you love that sexy Nemo band-aid? yes, I'm still recovering from my flub.)
Hopefully soon, I will coax the Sugarbean into modeling them for me, hopefully when this cold front passes. In the meantime, she'll be wearing her regular big girl tights until she outgrows them. Oh, and I hope to add a liner to the remaining tops of the tights to convert them into training panties. Yes folks, in the coming weeks we are starting potty training. *sigh* February is gonna be a tough month for this mommy. I can't believe two years has flown by so fast!

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chae said...

I love the sock from tights craft! Way to go on being resourceful!

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