Tuesday Reflections

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I stayed up rather late watching "Water." It is a foreign film entirely too complex for me to attempt to summarize the plot. In any case, it was a marvelous film, just the type of emo-snack I'd been craving. During the movie, Don joined me in the den and was reading the good book while holding our daughter. I didn't particularly care that he wasn't engaging in the film with me, it was such a sight to see. Tiny hand gently folded into her daddy's strong hand. Small legs curled up on his lap. A perfect bend in her fragile elbow, remarkably like her fathers. Quietly slumbering and the glow from the lamp caresses her perfect, angelic face. My family...I had a family. We'd managed to reproduce and the two became three.

About an hour later he went to bed and I sat there quietly reflecting on my blessings. My, my how God has blessed me. I had an incredible family, wonderful friends, an amazing husband, and a healthy daughter. I see Don's goodness in our daughter and every bit that is good in me, I've prayed has been passed on to her. I felt inspired, so I grabbed our leather journal that we exchanged on our wedding day and decided to write this year's entry. Unfortunately, halfway through the prose, I'd lost my frame of thought and it was gone. I'd hit that writing wall again and I rushed through to finish. I hope it made sense. I've not gone back to read what I wrote. I did, however, revisit the other writings. I enjoyed reading my thoughts from the actual wedding day, my recap, then the first and second year's entries. Even more importantly, I quietly chewed on every delicate word he'd inscribed. God's grace is ever present and I couldn't help but get a bit emotional thinking about all of the wrongdoings I've done in my life. I'm prime example that Jesus values us all and definitely died for our sins. Forgiveness has been granted tenfold for me and for that I'm grateful. Amazing how faith grows and grows and grows with just a little bit of nurturing.

So next Wednesday, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Hard to believe it has flown by so fast. Crazy, huh?

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