Deep Ellum Arts Festival

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday was an incredible day! The weather was perfect. We opted to head to the Deep Ellum Arts festival. There were definitely quite a few sights to see and a lot of pretty talented artists on display. I also enjoyed the music.

But most of all, I loved the food! Mmmmm...I love those ribbon fries. I'm starting to see them at more of these festivals instead of just the fair. They are so greasy and fried, but man, they are so yummy! Especially with Valentina sauce and a bit of ketchup! Delightful. Of course I probably need to run another 5K to work it off, but I'd gladly do it! Here is a shot of one of the trays of fries. Complete with Valentina sauce, ketchup, and a bit of ranch in the corner.
We enjoyed seeing all of the little dogs running around. Mari was up for most of the festival. She was quite alert and very happy despite being pretty hot. Any time we had the chance to sit in the shade, we did. Here she is flying under the trees.

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