Poor thing

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We took Guapo into the vet for a routine teeth cleaning. We'd noticed he had a bump (growth) around his anus and were a little worried. Not thinking it was normal, I asked the vet to look at it before the teeth cleaning to see if it was necessary to be removed. Well, sure enough, he called us to tell us it was a perineal tumor and we should probably have it removed since we were putting him under anesthesia for the teeth cleaning. He gave us an estimate (OUCH!) and we agreed to having the procedure done. Poor thing has to walk around with this Elizabethan collar for the next 9 days. Hopefully it'll go by fast.

Unfortunately, he's been running into everything and he wants to scoot his butt across the carpet. I can't imagine he's comfortable. And when he runs into things, you can't help but laugh a little and feel sorry for him a lot. Oh well. He'll be well soon enough. At least he's back to his normal self and not lethargic like when I first picked him up.

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The Steinman Squad said...

Ahh, poor Guapo! Happy, speedy healing Guapo.

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