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Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday, I trekked on over to Longview with one of my besties. I hadn't seen her family in so long. I'm especially grateful to them because they embraced me during those lonesome holiday seasons when my folks would galavant on over to Vegas. I wasn't complaining that I couldn' t be with my family, so it was a warm welcome to be able to retreat on over to a slower pace of life, with close family ties. Anyhow, Mari was a trooper. And isn't Lindsey such a beautiful pregnant woman? Gorgeous!!

On my way home that night, I was in a texting convo with Brother to see when he would be free so I could visit him. I made a promise that I would head south before my maternity leave was up and 'lo and behold, I had less than a couple of weeks before heading back.
when are you free?
when? this week or next?
this coming up, as in starting tomorrow
i get off early tomorrow and am off until wed.
then i'm coming for a visit. be ready.
K, love you
k love you too
I sent Cam a text to see if she was free and she was! So Sunday we packed our bags, loaded up the car and headed South. Loved the spontaniety of it all!

We arrived and hit the ground running. We met up with Brother at the driving range and he was there with his longtime friend, Tanner. We hit some balls and headed to his place. We chilled out for a second, popped on over to Wal for some essentials and then headed on over to BJ's Brewhouse for a late night snack. I had one of the absolute worst drinks of my life! GAG!! If you go, stay away from the Pom Punch. It tasted like expired cherry cough syrup. I'm throwing up a little bit in my mouth thinking about it. Even the waiter/bartender laughed a bit when I told him how awful it was saying how it was the most horrid thing ever. LOL! Thanks for the suggestion buddy. But dude, seriously, I'm on a time frame here, so I need to drink fast before I nurse again. (And yeah, before the food and drinks arrived, I nursed her right there in the booth. I figured Austin is full enough of tree huggers that they wouldn't mind. Well, I did get quite a few stares despite being covered up. Jeez, I don't stare when you eat. I'm in the corner behind the carseat, why are you STARING??? I digress, but I swear, we live in such a puritanical society, get over it! Yeah, I think I struck a nerve within myself! LOL) I digress, he made me this really delish pomegranate martini. MMMmmmm...much better than that other sewer water. BLECH!

We went back to the apartment and settled in for the night. Guess what! Mari slept for more than 5 hours!!! Poor thing soiled her onesie and a bit of her footed sleepwear. Stupid Huggies! Grrrr...they are officially fired. (Now what am I going to do with more than half of the econo pack of diapers??) Anyway, I got up to a happy baby and she's so precious when she's grinning and smiling. I showered, bathed Mari, and Cam showered. I got Brother up and he got ready. Then we headed out to Ikea, then Texadelphia, then Kohls, then Babies R Us, and finally home. BUSY, BUSY day of shopping! At his place, Cam and Brother embarked on putting together his new furniture. I set up shop in the bathroom arranging the towels. Camille came in and organized the shelves and went back to helping Brother. I went to organize the living area and lifted my old TV. As I was moving it, I rammed my two small toes on my left foot (stupid clumsiness!). They throbbed and I might've broken them, but how would I know because I've broken them before. Oh well. Three hours later and his drawers were put together, the living room organized, and we were exhausted. We loaded up the car to go visit my aunt, but unfortunately, we were lost for nearly half an hour when we gave up and headed home.

9:45 and we are going home...and I was able to have one of the most engaging, reflective conversations of my life. I love one-on-one roadtrips! We rolled into town at 12:30. We drove straight through and my baby was passed out like a champ! I fed her as soon as we got home and she went to sleep for another 5 hours!! Wheeeee!! Two days in a row..fabulous!

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