Formal Goal

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Alrighty, I've reached a more tolerable goal weight. No more double chin and I'm beginning to see the formation of strong biceps. While I've lost that pregnancy weight (and then some), my body still isn't shaped like I'd want it to be. I've molded my body so many times before and I'm inspired, yet again, to make a change.

Now it is go time. Here are my goals that I'd like to achieve before my birthday in June:
  • lose a minimum of 6 inches in my waist
  • drop a minimum of 7% of body fat
  • drop at least 15 lbs
  • comfortably run 2 miles in less than 18 minutes (nearly there already! wahoo!)

So long jiggly bits. Thank you for visiting, but it's time to be evicted. =) Good luck to everyone else on their health quest! You can do it!

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