Friday, April 18, 2008

We took Mari to Sweet and Sassy at Willowbend mall to get her ears pierced. It was quite a shock to her system, but she was a trooper. Yes, she did cry, but not nearly as bad as when she had her shots. Poor baby, she was sound asleep when the first piercing gun went off.
I was quite pleased with their services and was especially grateful that they had the rounded backs on the earrings. We opted for the emerald earring because that is Don's birthstone. Her birthstone didn't seem nearly as brilliant and since she seems to wear plenty of green, this was a more practical choice.
When we walked into the store, we were a bit overwhelmed with the "girlyness" of it all. We did prep ourselves for what was to come in the next several years. Loads of dressing up and imagination. Well, at least we think we'll have to prep. Heck, even if she is a tomboy, we'll have a dress up box to help that little imagination of hers grow.
Anyway, I have to give mad props to Don. At first he was hesitant and even though he said he didn't have an opinion on it, it became abundantly clear that he did. Initially, I was the only one who was passionate about getting it done. He went with me and actually held her tightly when they did it. They opted to do one at a time since she's an infant and they have a tendency to move or twitch. I know it was hurting him to see her crying and visibly upset, but when it was over it was done.
We've since cleaned it twice and turned them and they are healing fine. She looks so pretty!

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The Potts Family said...

how was it? how did she do? any pictures??

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