2 months

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My, my, my these last two months have flown by in such a furious fit of joy. I can't believe how much she's changed even in the last week. Talking with my sister, she thought it was cute at how I remark how "tall" she is. I guess most people refer to their babies as long, not tall. Here are a few highlights of what she does that I want to remember:
  1. She absolutely loves standing up. When we hold her, she likes to push off with her legs and stand with some help. It's pretty funny, but I'm always telling her that she has to learn to sit before she can stand.
  2. She holds her head up very well. She's actually been doing this since 4 weeks, but now she seems to have a lot of control.
  3. Speaking of head control, she absolutely loves looking right. It isn't because she can't look left, she just wants to look right. I don't know what is so interesting for her when she looks over there. It makes me wonder. Maybe it has to do with how I hold her and in what direction.
  4. I've started teaching her sign language. Very simple things: eat, more, mommy, daddy, I love you, and change. She seems to calm a bit right before our feedings when I show her the eat sign. When I ask her if she wants to eat, she'll look me intensely and be really calm.
  5. I've begun letting Guapo interact with her more. You can tell he loves his little sister. He's always so protective of her watches over her. Of course, he has been feeling a little neglected. So much so that this week when I've nursed her in the nursery, he goes in there and will sit in a little tripod position until I allow him to jump up on the ottoman and curl up by my feet. I'm sure If I let him squeeze on the Boppy, try really hard to do that too.
  6. She's smiling and cooing even more than ever. I really need to film her. And when I sing to her, she makes noises like she's trying to sing with me.
  7. We had to take out the first layer in her head positioner in her car seat. Since then, the fussiness has really come to a minimum. I guess she was just a little too crowded in there.
  8. She really loves hanging out in the stroller. Even more than the stroller, she loves her cradle swing. That is hands down one of the best investments we made.
  9. I bought her a blanket buddy in the hospital when she was born. It is a frog head with a purple blanket and white satin trim. It sits with her in the cradle and I call it her "buddy." Well, she'll hold on to her buddy and if the light is in her eyes, she'll grab it and cover her eyes with her buddy. It is too cute!
  10. She loves bath time. I can tell she has anxiety at first because of the way she looks at me. But then we put her in the warm water and she just smiles and swipes at the water.
  11. Her hair has gotten longer, but it is still too fine to be put in little ponytails. I still use the clips and she fits her headbands too! I need more hair ties for her. I really do enjoy brushing her hair.
  12. She looks absolutely adorable in dresses! I really wish I had more of them.
  13. She frequently kicks her legs when we're changing her. She really loves to just kick her right leg. But while she's doing that, she's waving her left hand. Her left hand is her active hand. Often she will get a hold of the toys I leave near her. She reeally loves this crinkly dragon fly and gator rattle. I call that gator rattler her gator-aid.
  14. I love her little feet. They've grown and filled out, but more than that, I love how she grips me with her toes.
  15. It breaks my heart when I hear her congested. I have to put a few saline drops in her nose and let them sit, then I'll suction her out. Invariably, I'll expel bits of mucus that surprise me with their size. No wonder she has difficulty breathing. Poor thing. But that look of gratitude and relaxation after I get it out is priceless. Expecially because she was so irritable just moments before.
  16. Speaking of irritation, I also don't like it when she has gas. I'm able to deciper the gassy cry. Instantly when I give her the mylicon drops, she's quiet again. I don't know what they put in that stuff to make babies love it, but I am grateful!
  17. She's starting to pull herself up a bit, almost like a miniature sit up. She'll grip my fingers with her hands and I don't have to hardly pull her up because she'll do it on her own.
  18. Oh and during tummy time...she cracks me up. When she wears those socks with the rubber bottoms, she can push herself forward. She hasn't yet learned the dexterity to move her arms, but this week she's been doing push ups with her arms. She can inch worm backwards pretty good, though!
  19. Her drool factor has increased quite a bit too. It cracks me up!
  20. She's been doing a great job sleeping in her basinnette, but it won't be much longer before she's outgrown it. I'm certain by the time I go back to work she'll be quietly sleeping in her crib. I don't know if I'm ready for that, but she's been fairly independent so far, so maybe she's trying to let me know she's ready.

Happy April!

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