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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today was a hella busy day. I got up early to head to Lewisville to get my mom from my sister's house. She participates in a produce co-op, where they all pitch in $15-$20 and get loads and loads of fresh produce. Well, she sent me home with some goodies that she wasn't going to get to and I was very appreciative. mmmm...I love fresh cilantro! Anyway, after picking up Mom, we grabbed some breakfast to go.

When we got home, we finished up Weeds. My mom actually got a bit hooked on it! Too bad the last episode was a big cliffhanger, so we have to wait until June for the next season to be on DVD. Anyway, afterwards, we got ready to go to a baptism for my friend's twin girls.

We got there 45 minutes early (yeah, I couldn't believe I was early either!) and witnessed a triple wedding. It was like a reality slap. It is so easy to get caught up in the material world, especially when it comes to weddings. You can really go overboard with spending money. But these three weddings were very simple: artificial flowers, no over the top decorations, or suits, or attendants. The grooms in simple suits, the brides in inexpensive gowns, but they still looked very beautiful! Then again, I've yet to see an ugly bride. The baptisms were lovely as well. Oh, and I failed to mention that all of this was in Spanish. While Don didn't understand what they were saying, he did know what was going on. That's the beauty of the Catholic faith, the order of the mass is the same in any language.

Afterwards, we booked it on over to the Brut Champagne tasting room for the baby shower. Talk about an extreme change in environment. Mom stayed home and watched Mari and Don and I lived it up. I tasted a really great sparkling shiraz. The shower was nice and it was great to see those friends again.

Then, we headed on over to my friend's house to have a cookout in honor of the girl's baptism. We had some delicious meat and mole. Mmmmm...the last time I had mole was at her baby shower and it was so good then too. I love how welcoming her family is. Plus, they were able to meet Mari for the first time. We were there for several hours until we totally lost our shine. We came home to pass out!

I had so much fun hanging out with mom and Don. Sidenote: while at the church, they were setting up for a festival called a Jamaica (ha-my-cah). They had these big bundles of cables leading to the booths for the vendors. Well, mom is in her scooter and these cables were at the base of the ramp. She sped up to jump the cables like she was a participant in X-games. Sure enough, she caught some air and landed perfectly. I couldn't quit laughing. There was mom, with a big smile on her face, riding her red scooter. That's how I always remember mom: smiling, innocently in the moment, and genuinely happy.

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