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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yesterday, I hung out with my niece and nephew while my sister had class and my BIL was out of town. I picked them up from their after school care and my niece asked me what took so long for me to get them. I chuckled thinking, what do you mean it was long?? She counted 5 activities that they'd done at after school care before I'd shown up, so she was concerned. Apparently, no one mentioned it to her that I had a new job with a new location. My nephew was quick to point out that my newer job was in Dallas proper when I said it was near the AAC. Her eyes got big and she said, "Wow! That's really far!" So I guess that was a sufficient enough answer for her.

I took them to eat at Chick-fil-A for dinner. I wanted to practice the whole parenting thing, so I decided we could go in to eat. I let them order what they wanted (they are both very good about knowing what they want to eat). Well, while waiting for our food to be prepared, there was a balloon artist in the corner. He coaxed them over since no one was around making any requests. I leaned into the cashier and asked her how much the balloon animals cost. I had $1 in cash and wanted to prepare the kids in the event that they could not get one. Turns out, they were free. And let me tell you, this balloon artist was phenomenal. No regular poodles and such any more! My niece got this pink, purple, and white butterfly on a stick. It was so cute! My nephew had this alien perched atop a planet with rings and with a laser gun and helmet as accessories. This balloon creation was more than 2 feet high. INCREDIBLE! I wanted to give the dude my $1 because I was impressed, but there was no place to leave it. I guess he's just one of those guys that CFA contracts out. As it got closer to 7, more families showed up and there were more kids in line to get various creatures. One got a monkey on a palm tree (with coconuts on it), holding a banana. I so should've taken pics! Once we had our fill, we cleaned up and headed to the house.
We had a lovely talk about the 3 things they learned that day, their favorite subjects, their least favorite subjects, and their predictions for when baby Mari would make her arrival. Zeni guessed Feb. 3 and Cristian guessed Feb. 23. I chuckled at the second one b/c she'd be pretty overdue if I went that long. My due date is Feb. 9! I told them that I secretly hoped that she'd be born on Feb. 4. 2-4-8 (2+2=4, 4+4=8) When I told them of the mathematical part, my nephew chuckled and was like, "OMG...that's like a joke, but not really. It's funny, but it is also cool!" Then, he agreed that he wanted her born on the 4th as well. My niece wanted me to call her to let her know when she came. I told her that I was certain that her mommy would let her know. And she was like, " Nini, she won't be able to, because she's not going to be here. She's going to be at the hospital with you." Duh, right? LOL!!!
I swear those kids crack me up! We had a great time hanging out and watching part of High School Musical 2. I helped my niece straighten out her room and attempted to impart some of my organizational wisdom to her. I think it might've stuck, b/c she saw the logic in it. She picked out a purse to put her hair ties in, and chose another handbag to store all of her Polly Pocket things. It was fun! While we did that, my nephew was showering and getting ready for the next day. When he showed up, he had his book, The Dangerous Book for Boys and proceeded to explain to me about creating electricity using copper wire and other sorts of regular household bits. I explained to him that I once built an electromagnet in science class with a nail, wire, and a battery. He gave me an impressed look and wanted me to explain it in further detail. We had more fun chatting and working than just sitting there watching the television. The kids were in the mood to chat and I was totally ready to listen.

I couldn't believe how big they were: very polite, distinctive personalities, and overall good people. My nephew was willing to help me up and down the stairs...even he noticed my struggle to get around. My niece was thrilled to talk about her upcoming cousin. I guess she's ready for me to have a human cousin and not just hang with Guapo. Speaking of, they even asked about him and what he was up to that evening. They were a bit disappointed that I hadn't brought him. I love that they love him so much! I'm so happy that my sister is raising such good people. It gives me great hope in our future!

Anyway, I got home earlier than planned and Don and I had a The Wire marathon. We both totally love that show! It's so good and if you like crime drama, but very, very, very well written, I would recommend you check it out. I'd had tea for dinner and could NOT sleep. Hence the reason we spent four hours in front of the TV passing time. I was cranky and grouchy and overall felt uncomfortable. My head was killing me!! However, passing the time was great and I LOVED how the plot lines are unfolding. I haven't wanted to know what was going to happen next since reading the Harry Potter series. Note to self, no caffeine after 6PM!
Speaking of caffeine, today's intake is finally kicking in, so my head isn't bobbing any longer. I've achieved clarity and must enter the "en fuego" zone for maximum focus. Hope you all have a great day!


chae said...

I too had tea for dinner last night and one hour later I was wondering why my headache wasn't going away. I popped a Advil liqugel and off to sleepland I went minutes later. They also have a similar book for girls. I forget the title at this moment.

Unknown said...

You are amazing for taking the kids and you are going a GREAT job charting all of your memories!!!!! I am very proud of you!

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