Thursday, January 17, 2008

This past weekend, I also had the urge to do a lot of nesting. We cleaned up the living room, did some more work on the nursery, and started to put together some of the gifts that required assembly. Well, our friends generously gave us that delightful swing. Don put it together relatively quickly and we put the batteries in. We started it and the traditional lullaby music went off. I must admit I got a bit teary-eyed and again, I was flooded with a range of emotions. Talk about hormotional! So as you can tell by the picture, we've put the swing right next to the big comfy ottoman in the living room so Mari can hang out in there while we're in there. I think of it as her La-Z-Boy. When she gets bigger, it eventually turns into a toddler rocking chair. I love that it will grow with her! We also put a few more things into the diaper bags. This weekend I need to do some laundry to prep her clothes.

I also went on a mini shopping spree at They sell the American Apparel black onesies (bodysuits) for a bit less than the actual AA site. While there, I went ahead and bought the Bundle me Lite. We had registered for something similar, but I figured, 'eh, why not. This is something we could use from day one instead of carrying her around in her carseat with a blanket, covered like a caged bird (nothing wrong with that if you have the skills). I was never able to master the delicate act of balancing the blanket on the carrier so it wouldn't slip off, so invariably, the blanket would fall in the only puddle for 5 miles and be soiled! And of course, the baby would be totally exposed to the elements. Not a good thing.

Even though it cost a little more than what I wanted to spend, I went ahead and splurged for the nap sack. It was sooooooo cute and I know it'll provide much warmth and comfort for her for a long while. This is going to be her special blanket! I know the quilt my MIL made will stay with her for much longer than this, especially since she'll probably outgrow this soon, but I still thought it was something good for her to have. And yes, I did buy the black onesies. One was short-sleeved, the other long sleeved, and I also got some black baby yoga pants. They looked really soft and comfortable. I told cousin Simon about it and he said she'd be like a Sprocket from the old SNL skit. I didn't know what it was, so when I saw it, it thought it was HILARIOUS! I guess maybe it isn't conventional to dress babies in black. It isn't like she's going to wear black everyday and she certainly wouldn't need to worry about the slimming look. I've also read that the black exposes the spit-up stains more. ha ha! Well, we'll see. I know I'll use them as layering pieces anyway.

Yesterday, we watched the 2nd of 3 birthing DVDs that we had as homework from our birthing class. So far it has been very educational and there is now no doubt in my mind what I can expect. I don't have any levels of pain to measure it, but I have a full understanding of the technical elements of labor and delivery and that comforts me more than anything.

We also saw our other TV show addiction: Deadwood. This is another HBO series (that has unfortunately been cancelled) that we got hooked on shortly after subscribing to Netflix. I'm so terribly sad that there won't be another season, nor are there plans to follow-up with the planned made-for-tv movie either. I'd heard rumors about that, but alas, no such luck! It's all very disappointing. Either way, it was a good run and good while it lasted. I wish I would've had the opportunity to have closure to see where the writers were going with it. Now we just get to make things up for ourselves. In any event, it is very good writing, despite the inordinate use of profanity (which actually works for the show). The characters are so colorful, the costumes are amazing, and I know I already mentioned the writing, but it is fantastic!!! I love how you can despise a character, but totally find yourself pulling for them too.
Anyway, I wish everyone a great day! CONGRATS to Don for passing his pedagogy test. WAHOO!! We need to celebrate tonight. I'm thinking Boston Market.

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