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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hooray, hooray for Thursday! Finally, a post that isn't consumed by all things baby. =) Enjoy my random musings for the day.

For those of you who know me, you know that I've been eagerly growing out my hair to donate. My cousin Margie (who is also my Godmother) and Sara (a good friend of the family) have both had breast cancer and have triumphed with much grace and beauty. I knew that with my pregnancy, my hair would grow more (at least that was the hope) and I just suck it up and grow it out and give it to someone who could benefit from it. I'd thought about Locks of Love, and while I think it is a great program, I was greatly disappointed to learn that they didn't actually make the wigs, but sold the hair for money to subsidize wigs for children in need. Still a great cause and one that I would back, but just not quite what I was looking for...especially because I wanted my hair to be used for women who have lost hair because of cancer treatments. Then, I discovered the Beautiful Lengths program being put on by Pantene. Hilary Swank donated her pony tail to launch their Million Inch Chain campaign. I plan to contribute to that chain, so I've made my pledge and next weekend after the cut, I'll put my hair in the mail to them. I'll be sure to take before and after pics.

Like I said, my hair appointment is for next Saturday. I just measured my hair and it is 15 inches in length from tip to 1 inch above my pony tail and it isn't even straightened today! I will have more than met the minimum requirement of 8 inches. I'm so looking forward to a change. I've been looking through magazines for new hairstyles and when I was at the OB, I was flipping through the More magazine and found the one pictured here. Frederic Fekkai, the stylist who cut it, describes this style as a modern layer bob and I love it! I think the layers would help control the volume level of hair that I have and I really do like the length. SASSY! I would want slightly longer bangs, but other than that, I think it's perfect. Plus, I've been reading about women losing much of the volume of their hair after pregnancy (something to do with the hormones releasing the hair follicles to get you back to where you were, which is ok, b/c my original thickness was pretty voluminous) and this style would work. It's professional, functional, and a new look for my new role as mommy.

After years of going to the same girl, I'm also trying out a new salon: Salon Pompeo. I'm pretty nervous, but excited at the same time. I really like Eva Mendes' hair and I think we have similar textures. I'll also take a picture of this hairstyle to emphasize the length I'm going for. She has a few layers in her hair too, but not as much as the other picture. But I do like the lines on this haircut and how it works with her facial structure. I'll just have a good initial consult with the stylist to see what she thinks and to see if she has any magical tips to make my face not seem so round (duh, lose some weight! All in good time.)

Right now I don't have plans to do any coloring. That will come later when I know I'll have more time to maintain that color. Maybe a few lowlights for the summer, but I know I'm getting ahead of myself.

I will need new hair tools, primarily a blow dryer. I already have a flat iron that I enjoy and I've only had it for 2 months. However, I haven't religiously used a blow dryer in YEARS!! I've heard some great things about the Chi Nano Dryer and the Chi Rocket. Do any of you have any experience with either or is there another hair dryer that you'd recommend? Let me know if you do. I'm looking for one that is super fast, but won't dry out my hair.

I'm not an active politician and I still haven't decided who I'm going to vote for. There are still so many issues to review and educate myself on, but for now, I enjoy watching all the hype surrounding the Primaries and all of the campaigning. I found this web site that will actually ask you questions regarding different issues. Based on the way you answer them, it recommends a candidate more in line with the way you view the issues. Unfortunately, the questions are a bit too detailed for me, but I can see what they are saying. Often times in life, it just isn't so black and white, you know? Anyway, here is the site, check it out if you get a chance:

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Unknown said...

I am hoping to cut my hair next month! You are an inspiration!!

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