Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So far, it has been pretty amazing. We were able to hang out with friends for New Year's Eve. Plus, I watched the Red Raiders perform an amazing comeback to win the Gator Bowl today. It was pretty kick ass! I got to see Brother on the sideline and every time I heard that bell ringing I was so happy to know he was there and doing his best to help out the guys. My parents were also at the game and it just made it that much more special. Tech football is a tradition my family has been able to share for as long as I can remember, so finishing the season with a win is always a good thing.
Okay, as promised, here are a couple of updates.

Whale Purse
This is the teeny tiny purse I made for my niece when we were bored. She uses it to carry around her travel kleenex. I had a scrap piece of both fabrics and the ribbon is from a gift that I'd received a while back. I was so excited I was able to use my snap button hand tool. This was a fun project because we were both able to pitch in and make it. The entire project took just under an hour for us to make, the majority of that time was us deciding what to make.

Nursery Pics
We didn't really have a theme for the nursery. I did want to incorporate dragonflies with the colors lavender, turquoise, and sage. The room was already painted that chocolate milk color and I didn't want to go and repaint it. All of the furniture in the nursery is an ebony color.

The first picture is the valance for the window. I didn't want a large curtain to block out the sun. The window faces West, so in the afternoon is when the sun will be brightest. Just outside of her window is a pretty large tree that blocks a lot of the sunlight and provides a lot of shade.

Next is a picture of the bookshelf we found at World Market. My husband and I are both readers (although we haven't had a lot of time recently to read) and we wanted our daughter to have a bookshelf for her books. We wanted to promote reading and a great sense of imagination early on. Also, the zebra sock monkey is another World Market find. This was my husbands gift to the baby when she reached her 3rd trimester. He wrote her a card that I'll also put in her scrapbook. The teddy bear is a gift that my best friend gave to me when I was 16. I've had it since then and saved it for my baby. The colored bunny in cellophane is hand crafted from my husband's great grandmother. It was a special gift that I received at a shower and I thought it would fit in her room.

This is a picture of the crib. We have a 3 slot picture frame above the crib. Next to that picture is a hand painted dragonfly that my friend made for the baby. Next to that is a turquoise glass tealight holder that we found at World Market. My friend gave me one of those battery operated tealights that you can turn on and off. It gives off this glowing flicker, but I don't have to worry if it is actually burning. I think it adds a really pretty and feminine touch to the room when the lights are off. The random cow pillow is actually made of the same fabric we used in her quilt. I saw the cow in the store and it cracked me up. I loved the fabulous color and texture and HAD to have it! It doesn't really go in the room, but it is so cute and I'm glad that we were able to use it. If I don't want to use the pillow, I can just turn it around.
This is an organizer that is connected to the crib. I've not found any buttons to use, but right now it is attached by velcro. It directly matches the valance we used. The the ribbon separating each of the four pockets is the same ribbon we used on the quilt. I'll get pics of the quilt later.

This is the diaper changing area. This area isn't really finished. I've not added the basket covers yet. They are a lavender gingham print. The cover for the changing pad is lavender terry cloth. I've not organized the shelving just yet. I started to use some of the glass jars that I found at Ikea. I'm waiting for the diaper organizer to come in the mail before I really start to sort things. You can see the born free bottles, the wipe warmer, and a bottle warmer. Also, the crocheted frogs are from World Market. They are another gift from my husband: Happy 2nd trimester! The moose in the middle is a gift from one of my old co-workers. She collects moose and it was neat that she gave the baby a stuffed moose. I cracked up when I opened it!

Ok, so that's about it. I'll take some more pictures when the glider comes in and I'll soon get another belly picture. She's just a-growin' bigger and bigger everyday and it is pretty amazing. Next Monday I start going to the doctor every week for them to check to see of any beginning labor symptoms. I don't want her to come early, well, at least not until the nursery is ready, ready.
I started to pack my hospital bag. So far, I have some socks, a change of comfy clothes, slippers, the rosary my grandmother gave me, and the teeny tiny picture of my momma. The last two are just small bits of emotional support for me to have. I'm still shopping around for my nursing gown to wear in the hospital, as well as a take home outfit for the both of us. Oh and I need to put some snacks in there. What else should I put in there?

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