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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yesterday, I had my 2nd weekly visit to the doctor. He said everything is going nicely and I may have the beginnings of effacement (the softening, shortening, and thinning of the cervix). Not to worry, I'm not going into labor anytime soon. I'm right on track and so is Petunia. She's just a-growing and desperately trying to move, but I know that is becoming more and more difficult every day since there is limited space. The great news is that she's facing downward and not breech. Hopefully, she'll stay that way. Also, I've felt her drop a bit more, also known as lightening.

Afterwards, I needed to run to the mall to get my thank you gifts for the co-ed shower on Sunday and figured, 'eh, I better educate myself to the children's stores in the mall. I'm very familiar with Babystyle, but that's only b/c they carry maternity wear. I also know about Janie and Jack, but was curious about the others. I went inside Jacadi, which is a children's boutique from France. Even with their amazing sale, I didn't think it was a good idea to shop there. Right off, I didn't notice any higher level of craftsmanship, nor were the fabrics softer or plusher than what I was expecting them to be for the price. So I bid adieu to the worker and moved on.

I happened upon this place called the Pumpkin Patch. I tickled me to see that it had set up shop right by the play area, which, by the way, was inundated with mommies chasing their kids. Each of their designer strollers parked neatly just outside of the play area. I walked in, not really knowing what to expect. Right off, I noticed fun and appropriate clothing for little girls. No short, midriff baring tops, or revealing skirts. There were bright colors, amazing fabrics, and loads and loads of stripes. Essentially, this is where I would've LOVED to have shopped when I was younger. I made a mental note to bring my niece here next time we were spending time together. This place is exactly her style.

I was in search of a take home outfit for Mari. I'd looked and looked these past several months and had yet to find anything that inspired me. I wanted something simple, comfortable, and lovely. Well, I found this little top. It's so cute and perfect! It is actually listed as a top, but I think it would be long enough to look like a dress. Either way, I plan to find some lavender or red leggings/tights to layer underneath. In person it is so adorable and when Don saw it, he too thought it was fitting. I have a lavender hairbow, but I will be on the lookout for red. Then, I looked around some more and found quite a few things for her. She has a lot of clothes, but not any real complete outfits, so I bought a few. I even got her dress for her great grandmother's birthday party. It's a little red dress with black and white flower embroidery. And of course, she HAD to have some pacheras (overalls) and jeans for when she works in the yard with Daddy. Nothing was overly pink and frou-frou, but still girly. I was proud of my purchases, especially because everything was on ridiculous sale. Duh! It's the after Christmas sales, huh?

Speaking of Daddy...he too needed a take home outfit. He's been working really hard on the house helping me to prep it and has also found new found energy to initiate a regular workout regimen. I'm so proud of him and I know his healthy living habits will prompt me to get in gear to lose all this excess baby weight. Anyway, I headed over to Banana to see what they had. I had $20 in rewards money and I was wanting to use my new Luxe card anyway. Sure enough, I found a nice pair of pants and a comfy looking shirt. The shirt is totally a spring shirt, but the pants are all season. I figured they'd be good to wear to work, as well. (Plus, they had so many fabulous clothes for women, but nothing for me until the excess fades!)

I'm not realy certain what his co-workers wear, but I know this is something My Michael would wear, so I figured it would work. Speaking of his co-workers, we went to his holiday party this past weekend. Because the holiday season is so busy, I guess they figured it would be best to organize it for afterwards. Anyway, it was held at the old Cottonwood Mill in McKinney. I'd first heard about this place nearly 3 years ago and had wanted to visit it to see how it would be as a venue. It was amazing. Very, very well laid out and perfect for a party. They had food catered by Sonny Bryan's and there was a live band playing for everyone's entertainment. The 10-piece band was lively and totally fun. We didn't do any dancing, unless you want to count swaying in our seats and tapping our feet. Not that we couldn't have, but it just wasn't one of those times where we felt like it. We were both content sitting there and coloring on the table and making our own drawings. It was great!

Also, this past weekend we had our first birthing class. We met with Wendy Blumberg of Baby, Birth & You and she is FABULOUS! She is so calming and reassuring, not to mention knowledgeable. The three hours we were there flew by so fast. We covered a lot of what I didn't know and also practiced several breathing techniques. I felt so confident in my decision to deliver naturally. I know I have a great support team and I feel even more equipped because of the class. This was a really great decision for us, because we have that one-on-one attention, instead of being in a class with several other couples. She pays a lot of attention to how we interact and in some ways, this is like a marriage revitalizer. Every time Don and I do classes like this together it further solidifies our relationship and our "team" outlook. We have our final class this Sunday and our co-ed shower, too. My parents are coming to town and so is my Brother. I hope the whole family will be able to make it to the party. I'm very excited about it!

Hope you all have a great day!

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