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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Your furniture...

Each piece of furniture in your room has a story behind it. Here is how it all came together.

your crib
It was the first part of June and I had recently learned of your existence. I was in the midst of planning my 30th birthday party: a huge party barge blow-out on Lake Travis. I'd had it in my mind that I wanted to buy myself a really nice piece of jewelry for my birthday. Something I'd give myself to commemorate getting to this place in my life. Well, I was browsing around on looking at their jewelry pieces, they had an ad for baby stuff. I clicked on it and found this beautiful ebony crib. I always thought a round crib would be something I wanted, but this one just stuck out. It was the right price and I loved that it would grow with you. I made a quick choice and decided that a crib would be more valuable than any piece of jewelry that I could buy myself. I placed the order and within a week it came. My only reservation at the time was that there might be two of you instead of one. Happy 30th birthday to me!

your dresser
Actually, your dresser was my old dresser. It was part of a set from your great grandmother's furniture. I don't know how it was that I came across it, but I do know that I had it during my formidable years. Your daddy refinished the furniture to match your crib. We both picked out new hardware for it and your Grandma Carol helped line the drawers with lavender scented drawer liner paper. I didn't want to line the top drawer because it had the original paper that was in the drawer from when I used it. I wanted something to remain from the old. It looked completely different since it had received a facelift!

your bookshelf
At the time of purchase, your daddy was working at World Market. We'd had our eye on this bookshelf for quite sometime. We were on a black furniture kick for some reason. Anyway, we saw this bookshelf and couldn't figure out where it would fit in the house. It was so beautiful and functional, but we just couldn't decide. Well, as the nursery started coming more and more together, we decided that it would work best for you. We really wanted to promote literacy and imagination in you, so you would definitely need a bookshelf to house all of the books that we'd buy you over the years. Since putting it up, we've added several more books and your Auntie Danika gave you several more books to enjoy as well.

your changing table
Our friend Jessica was in the process of purging items from her storage unit. She told me she had a changing table that she was just going to toss, but if we wanted it, we could have it, along with all of the baskets, as well as the basket liners. We took her up on her offer. Your daddy also refinished the natural wood and painted it black to match the other pieces. Your Grandma Carol sewed new liners to match the valance, crib bedding, and laundry hamper.

the glider
We looked and looked for a rocker that would go with the furniture. I knew I wanted something comfortable, functional, and preferably something with an ottoman and stool. We saw several over a few months, but none were in our budget or even came close to what we wanted. Then, we found one on At the Kansas shower, we received enough gift cards to cover the difference of the cost of the glider from the money that we'd set aside. We ordered it and when it arrived in a week, your daddy put it together and we put it in the place where it is sitting now.

your end table
Auntie Danika is moving back to California and she had some furniture she needed to get rid of. One of the items was the end table. Your daddy refinished it to match the rest of your furniture. We needed a small table to set next to the glider for your late night feedings so we could have a place to put a glass of water or somewhere to put anything that we couldn't carry.

your ceiling fan & hand pull
We went to Home Depot to look for drawer pulls for your dresser, as well as, a new light fixture for the dining room. While there, we happened upon this ceiling fan that would go perfectly in your room. It was ebony with nickel accents, similar to the drawer pulls we'd picked out. It was on sale and the right size we were looking for, so we decided to get it. I love it when we go to Home Depot and have a great find! The hand pull on it is actually a Christmas ornament from World Market. I like the large beading and when I open your window blinds and sun catches them just right, there's this beautiful rainbow that dances on your walls. Plus, it is large enough that when you are you are able to focus on objects (and reach out and touch them) this is one of those that you will want to get.

other tidbits
  • The framed picture of your name in the sand on a beach with toes is from your Auntie Danika. She took that picture on Coronado Beach in California. We have a jar of sand from that beach.
  • There's a matted signature picture from my first shower for you here in Dallas. Everyone who came did a page in your scrapbook. They all signed the frame and in the picture is nearly everyone who attended.
  • There's also another framed series of pictures. That was from the co-ed shower where we watched the Packers lose to the Giants. The shower was fun, especially because we were able to reconnect with many friends that we hadn't seen a very, very long time.
  • The painting of the dragonfly was hand painted by your Auntie Ada.
  • The glass turquoise candle holder is another World Market find. I thought it was so beautiful and it looks great hanging over your bed. It adds a bit of romanticism, I think. Auntie Hayley gave us a fake flickering tea light candle to put on the inside of it, so we don't have to worry about the candle being lit. It just runs on batteries.
  • The hand knitted colorful bunny in the plastic cellophane was actually made by your great-great-grandmother Flo. Your great grandmother Skip found it and figured it would be something you would enjoy.
  • Your piggie bank was actually a gift from your Uncle Jorge and Auntie Hayley from when they went on their honeymoon to Mexico.
  • The baby block bank is a gift from your Aunt/Nina Sam.
  • The sock zebra and frogs are gifts from your Daddy. He gave them to you every time you started a new trimester. He was very, very excited for your pending arrival and wanted to be sure you had some fun toys to play with.

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