Preparing for Hospital

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yesterday we headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to hit up their travel size aisle. I felt like I was prepping for an awesome vacation, but in reality, we were just stocking up our toiletries for the hospital bag. Like I said, I started packing my bag, but I know there was much more I needed to put in there. Hence the reason to visit BBB. I took Don with him and had him pick out his own toiletries. Many thanks to Mrs. Potts for her initial list that we were able to leverage from.

On a message board where I frequently lurk, I also read some advice from a recent mom about her stay in the hospital. She recommended that you get a luxurious shampoo because you will absolutely love the shower after you deliver. Heck, I love the shower now, so I'm totally looking forward to that. I actually bought a new shampoo, but nothing fancy. Just one I'd never used before. I also plan to have a separate bag for our snacks and such. I want to have some goodies available for the nursing staff, as a special thanks. I really liked how the nurses treated my sister at the hospital when she delivered there several years ago, so I'd like to be able to have something available to them. Aside from bringing bottles of water, I'd like to have some of those powdered mixes to flavor them up. I think that's a good idea, especially since drinking water can be monotonous! yeah!

I received a gift card to Motherhood Maternity because I'd asked for a nursing gown for Christmas. Well, I got it in the mail yesterday and I went shopping. I really wanted a mommy and me set, but the ones they had available weren't as cute as I wanted them to be. That and the only ones they had in my size were really uncomfortable looking. So it isn't necessarily a gown, but it is a pajama set that looks quite comfortable, especially for late night feedings. Seems more my style anyway. The pants look like they won't be very restrictive either, so that'll work! After tax and shipping, I had a teeny tiny bit leftover, so I'll head on over to the mall and probably buy another bra at Motherhood. They normally have them on sale in the store for less money than what is on the website. Too bad they didn't have this pajama set in the store last time I was there. I saw one similar to it, but it was all pink and a small. Yeah, not gonna happen! ha ha!

I also ventured out to Earlier, I'd seen a couple of items there that I liked and figured, 'eh doesn't hurt to look. Well, I found this set too. It seems a litte more luxurious and feminine than the other one. I figured I'd want more than one anyway, so why not. It definitely beats the t-shirts I currently sleep in. In the summer, sleeping in tank tops won't be a problem, but since it is still a little chilly, it is probably best to cover up a bit. They also had a great looking bra from La Leche League and a black faux wrap 3/4 sleeved top that looked super comfy and pretty sharp. Definitely something that will be part of my wardrobe when I return to work!

Here is the bra from La Leche League. Definitely not the norm as far as color and style that I typically go for, but I figured why not have some fun. There's plenty of other times to be boring, right? Especially if I'm going to hurt as much as I've been hearing. At least I can feel fun about it while wearing this. I hope it is as comfortable as it looks! We'll see. I'll talk about it when it comes in the mail.
Have a superb day!

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