I'm bigger today than I was yesterday

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yes, I've been clumsy today, but not in my usual form. My belly has grown in size and apparently I've not noticed. Poor little baby, I'm sure she's tired of me running into my desk. ha ha! I can hardly believe there's only 16 more days until the due date. Time has really flown by! So I made an appointment to interview a couple of pediatricians in the are. I'm really hoping I get lucky with the first one, but experience tells me that I should be patient and expect to meet with a few others just in case. Unfortunately, time is running out for me to have a mom-to-be meeting, so we'll see.

Yesterday, I received my order from Pokkadots and I LOVED everything that I got. Don is going to add the Bundle Me to the carseat. I plan to wash her black onesies and yoga pants tonight! And my favorite thing: the Flower Power nap sack. It is so soft and plush and just beautiful!! I was initially hesitant because of the cost of it, but it is totally worth the money, to me. I just found myself wanting to snuggle up against it and kinda wished I had one in my size too! ha ha!

HAPPY 67TH BIRTHDAY, NEIL DIAMOND! For those of you who know me, know that I love, love Neil Diamond. I've absolutely no reason to explain why, maybe it is something about the rhythm of the music. Or maybe it has something to do with the way I feel all giggly and jiggly inside when I hear Cracklin' Rosie. Random, I know. But c'mon, I know you secretly like him too! Or if you don't know who he is, do a search for him on YouTube. He rocks and sometimes rolls. Songs that he's also sung that I'm immediately familiar with: Coming to America, Sweet Caroline, Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon, Cherry, Cherry, and Love on the Rocks.
And now for a rant about Best Buy. So around Thanksgiving, I bought Don a surprise. I'd qualified for a no interest credit card and decided to get him a lovely surprise for Christmas. At the time, we still thought he was going to do this intensive hiking/camping trip in September, so I wanted him to be prepared. I went in there to buy a GPS unit. Of course, he actually wanted a handheld GPS device that is typical for topography information and not the street map kind that I bought. While there, I discovered a TV that I immediately liked and on a whim purchased that one as well. I took everything home, hid it away, and eagerly tried to hide my excitement over the next couple of days. Well, I finally broke down and showed him the TV and we got to talking about the GPS unit when I realized I'd bought the wrong kind. I went on the Best Buy site and they didn't carry the ones he was talking about. I would have had to have gone to REI to get the type he was interested in. Anyway, after a bit of discussion, we agreed to take back the GPS unit. Well, he set up the TV and I noticed that I didn't like the picture quality of it nearly as much as Cousin Simon's Samsung. Granted, his TV is much larger than the one I'd bought, but it just wasn't what I was wanting. So we decided to take everything back, with the exception of the Ratatouille DVD. Fine, the return was a breeze. I remember asking the girl if the warrantly that I'd purchased with the GPS unit would also be credited. She said, yeah, no problem, it is all automatic. The first bill came and I knew that the total would be off since I'd made the returns. I wrote a check for $20 knowing that the DVD was in and around that price range. Well, the next month, I see that I still have an outstanding balance of $50+ dollars. Oh hell no! I call up the Best Buy customer service and the gentleman explained to me that they had NOT credited the warranty information and that he'd take care of it. I asked if I needed to send in any sort of payment just to make sure my account was in good standing and he said no. Not necessary. I see you sent in the $20 that covered the DVD price and this item would be taken care of. Well, this month, I get the bill and not only is the charge still on there, but I get tagged with a $10 late fee! WTF? Really? I was pissed. So I called Best Buy up again and this time the rep tells me that there is nothing she can do on the Warranty side and that I'd have to call another 800 number to talk to someone else about cancelling it. I called that number and the lady said that she could cancel the transaction, but I would not receive the credit for the warranty since it'd been more than 30 days. I told her that was unacceptable and she proceeded to tell me that I could go into the store where I purchased the item and talk with the store manager and see if they could remedy the situation, but on her end her hands were tied. Now, I'm going to have to make a special trip there just to talk to someone at the front desk and demand that I get the full refund amount because I returned the item within the week of when I purchased it! Seriously, why in the world would I need warranty on an item that I returned??? How is something like that not automatic? Why was it that when I asked the clerk she told me it was automatic, but then it really wasn't? And furthermore, why is it not customary for the warranty return to be included in the return...the clerk on the phone told me that most times you had to special request the warranty be refunded too. NICE. Yeah, that was an extensive rant and I do apologize, but I'm really hacked off by the slack effort on their part. Best Buy is now up there with Target on my list. Grrrr....

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